Sunday, October 28, 2007

Halloween Party!!!

We love to have parties! We sure had a bunch of well dressed friends at our house celebrating this spooky Halloween holiday!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Our Niece Brynlee.... on TV!!

Ok, so Jeff Ranieri doesn't say her name right, but Brynlee was the star of the morning segment at Rockefeller Plaza. I think I even saw Rick (her dad) skate across the camera a few times. This is one of the most adorable things I have ever seen!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Some of our Favorites

A night with Peter and David

Niel and I spent Saturday night with Peter Breinholt.... and a bunch of other hardcore Breinholt fans. He was amazing as usual. David Tolk accompanied him on piano and vocals. It was a sold out show!!! If you aren't familiar with him, he is incredible. He is one of those guys that has true talent. He plays the guitar, piano, banjo and has a great voice. He was extremely entertaining. I think the reason I like him so much is because when he plays in front of a crowd, he looks like he is have such a great time. He smiles when he sings and gets so excited to share his talents and entertain others. Check out his website.... he will be performing again soon. I promise, it will be an event you will enjoy! You might even become a fan!!

Monday, October 8, 2007


It is back to school once again! The kids just had their SEP's. I am pleased to report they are doing very well.

So... our little baby is now in Pre-school! Where have the years gone? Zander is enjoying school. It has been really good for him to be in a school structured environment. He loves his teacher. Miss Julie makes school very fun and exciting. Zander loves show and tell. He reminds me every night before school that he has to bring something to show to his friends. He gets so upset if we forget to put something in his book bag. He is a real cutie!!

Stockton sure is a studious little man!! He is in 2nd grade this year. Stockton is one of those lucky kids who is just smart with very little effort. He is excelling in reading, math, spelling and art. His teacher was amazed at his learning abilities. "If only he were a little more organized!" The learning part comes natural for Stockton... the desire or drive to do homework is the hard part for him. He forgets to put his name on his papers, or when he does his homework, he doesn't turn it in. When I tell him to make sure to turn in his homework, he just says "Why?" Ugh!! I have been reminding him everyday to turn in his homework, he has been doing it. I found out from his teacher that his papers aren't due until the end of the week. So, Stockton has been turning stuff in everyday, only doing what his mother has told him too, come to find out I am making it harder on the teacher. Sheesh!! Good thing we went to SEP's!!

Megan is in 5th grade this year. I don't have a back to school picture of her yet. But what a better picture of her eating an olive, mushroom, cucumber sandwich - Yum! Megan is doing super well in school too. She is off the chart in reading.... seriously, you should hear her read. She is so animated! I am sure she reads on a higher level then me!! She is excelling in all areas of school. She seems to have many friends this year and branching out in all areas. She is even trying a little bit of play writing. Last year she did some acting.... we am looking forward to seeing some of her plays this year!

Conner is in the 4th grade this year. Conner has always been an exceptional student. What can I say, he is a perfectionist. Once again, his grades were all A's. All his teachers had wonderful things to say about him. "He sure likes to talk" .... that is what every teacher had to say. Conner just said, "It is just so hard not to blurt out the answers!" Now, if you ask Conner how he did as SEP's, is all he remembers is "I talk to much!" That is just like Conner to see the area's he needs to work on rather then all the good things the teachers had to say. He is doing very well and we are super pleased with his school success (even if he does talk a lot)!

Garrett is in Kindergarten this year. He absolutely loves school!! He really likes his teacher. Mrs. Smith is extremely positive. She is constantly giving Garrett positive reinforcement. Niel took Garrett to his Kindergarten evaluation at the beginning of the year. Mrs. Smith tested Gar on various subjects, when he finished the Math portion, she commented on how smart he in the Math area (he did not get that intelligence from his mom). Garrett was all smiles and continually tells me how much he loves math. I think I learned a valuable lesson.... positive reinforcement sure goes a long way!! Mrs. Smith also had so many good things to say about Garrett that is almost made me cry.... a cry of happiness of course. I love to hear he is doing so well and that he is such a good student and friend to others.

Thursday, October 4, 2007


Here we are! These little people (and one big person) are my life! The happiest moments, saddest moments, most memorable moments and some moments I wish I could forget....haha!!