Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Boys!

Future Missionaries!!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Sales Conference

Looks at these fine, lovely people!

I spend about as much time with my work friends as I do my family. Luckily, I really like all of them. This past week I have been at Sales Conference in Salt Lake. I really missed my 4 little guys and 1 big guy, but at least I was working hard with some fun friends!!

We had a record breaking year this year. We all got dressed up to celebrate the wonderful accomplishments!!

Left to right: Brittany Stubbs, Tracy Ngyuen, Melinda Barlow, Me, Lynda Harvey, Bari Carney, Ike Nelson, and Tracy Walton

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Comedy Sports


It is fun to have some young adults in the house. We are starting to take them to more grown-up places.... like Comedy Sports!

Megz and Conner laughed their heads off. Me and Niel too. It is a favorite place of ours.


Tuesday, January 26, 2010


This is what we are doing every Saturday! Fun times!!

Niel is coaching Stockton's team again this year. Stocktons game is improving so Niel must be doing something right.

One of the best part of sports is spending time with friends. Skylar and G-man play together as teammates is all their sports.

Too cute!

Gar is just as aggressive and fast on the basketball court as he is on the football field. One of our neighbors has nicknamed his "wheels" because he is so fast and smooth...ha!

Conner is playing this year too. There aren't many 6th grades playing Jr Jazz so he is on a 5h grade team. He loves it because he is a head taller than everyone else. He gets all the rebounds and can chase people down quickly. Not to mention he is bigger than most kids on the court so he can be very intimidating. He loves it!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010


It isn't often Megan and I get to spend some time doing girlie things. She is always a good sport to attend football, basketball, Lacrosse, Baseball, and more importantly put up with all the boy things that go on.

We went shopping together! She helped me pick out a few things. Because I have all boys and only purchase boy attire.... sometimes I need help knowing how to dress like a girl. I just want to make sure I am still in style. She did just that. I have a few new outfits to add to my wardrobe. It was a fun day spent at the Mall!!

Megan is growing up to be quit a beautiful young woman. I count my blessings she is part of my life!


It is that time of year again! Yep.... it is that crazy show that has me hooked twice a week. I am in trouble every time this show is on because I ignore my wife/motherly duties.... I get wrapped up in stories of peoples dreams, hopes and talents. I just love it!

American Idol is back.... and SOOO great all ready. I have a favorite and the competition hasn't even really started yet. I can tell.... it is going to be a good season.

Matthew Lawrence has one of those incredible stories and a astounding voice.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mid 30's???

What age is considered mid 30's? And what exactly does that mean anyway? When I was 12, mid 30's sounded like a bad thing. It seemed old and I figured that was just going to take FOREVER to EVER BE THAT OLD!!!

Here I am..... forever old all 3 decades plus 4 additional short years!!!

I don't feel THAT old though. Just a youthful old age.

Brooke surprised me with my favorite cake. I absolutely LOVE strawberry shortcake. Not just any particular strawberry shortcake.... the kind that Brooke and my mom make. DELICIOUS!! I have to add that Brooke called me on the phone and left me the cutest message. She sang happy birthday to me all by herself. When she started the song.... I started to cry because it was so sweet. We must be sisters because in the middle of her beautiful melody she started to cry. It was the best message I have gotten in a long time. I am blessed to have such an incredible, thoughtful, creative, sister. Thanks Brooke!

Do you see me trying to stand tall? That is because from here on out I will be shrinking. I think 34 will be the last year I will be taller than my children.... at least one of my kids. Conner is about half an inch away.

Niel and I had a great weekend together. Martin Luther King weekend is always a great celebrating time for me. I appreciate all the Niel time I was able to squeeze in.

We went to Wallaby's for dinner. I am up for keeping tradition and since I was 30 years old we have gone to Wallaby's for my birthday dinner every year.

I love my family! Smiling faces and lots of joy! They keep me young at heart!

Another birthday tradition of mine is heading up to tear it up on the mountain. When I was younger is was skiing, but now that I have all boys.... snowboarding is the cool thing to do. Me, Niel, Conner and Stocks all headed up to enjoy a day on the slopes. Isn't it beautiful?

It was Stocktons first time on the mountain. He thought it would be so cool to not wear a coat. What the heck???? I could just kill this kid. I guess he likes to make his own style. I was SO impressed with his snowboarding abilities, especially for not getting any professional lessons. He is cheerful and willing to pick himself up and keep trying. I had to drag him off the mountain. He would have stayed forever if I would have let him. He is a natural born snowboarder.

Conner is also an incredible snowboarder. He strapped on his new snowboard and made full use of it. He would zoom on down the hill and wait for us at the bottom. Oh.... how it would be to be young again...haha!!

And Niel is a great sport to learn one of my most favorite sports! We had a fabulous time. I missed my mom and sisters.... but I suppose we can start our own traditions as a little family.

I will tell you that the next day I was overly stiff and sore. I guess that is what happens to 34 year olds. Tired, sore, and worn to the bone!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Fridgid 5K

What crazy people run a 5K in 23 degree weather?

We do!

Niel - 23 minutes 32 second (fastest)

Conner - 26 minutes 18 seconds (fast)

Me - 29 minutes 26 seconds (slow)

My goal was to keep up with Conner. His old 5K record was 29 minutes 17 seconds. I figured keeping up with him would be a good goal. I guess football and all his other activities has gotten him to be really fast. It was evident about a half a mile in he was itching to speed up. I told him to go on ahead thinking he would wear himself out and I would catch up.

Guess what?

He kicked my butt! I never caught up!! But I was so proud of him for improving so much on his speed. Niel did so well too!! That is the fastest speed he has gotten in a while.

It was fun all around! I better get some stronger legs if I plan on keeping up with these fast men.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Drain Trouble

Did you know that pens, pencils, and a straw....

... fit so nicely in little show drain holes?


The past couple of days Niel and I noticed the water in our shower starting to pool up and not going down the drain like it is suppose to. Niel decided to be Mr. Plumber (minus the crack of course)!

As he started digging he found a pen and then a pencil. He kept digging down the drain because he saw many more pens and pencil.... and even a straw. Seems like "not me" has stuck our shower drain. When we asked the kids who did it we couldn't get anyone to confess. Niel then told the boys that if who ever did this would just come forward, no one would get in trouble... BUT (and there is a but in here), if no one came forward with the truth, everyone would have to go to bed early every night until we found out who it was. You would think this tactic would work.... right? Nope! As soon as Niel said no one would really get in trouble, all the boys confessed to do the pen drop. Each one said they really didn't do it but none of them wanted to go to bed early.

So, we are back at square one....haha! At least the drain is draining now. Hopefully "not me" will stay out of trouble for a little while.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!

out with the old.....

.... in with the new!

While I was working hard to close up the year at work, Niel was busy purchasing my Birthday present.... just a little early. I like it a lot!!! Niel is the best!

New Years Eve happens to be the busiest day at work for me. It is end of quarter for us. For that reason, it makes it really difficult for me to make plans. Niel is the nicest man ever to just sit around and wait for me to come home. Since he was so busy all day long buying a new car for me I told him we could do whatever he wanted once I got home. He chose to stay home and watch The Hangover (my favorite movie) and just veg out. It was a quiet night for us, but perfect. Right after we rang in the New Year we went straight to bed. I guess that is what old people do...haha!!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Merry! Merry Christmas!!

I {heart} Pictures!!

What more could you ask for on Christmas.

Excedrin and Lip Balm

Zander loves to dress up as super heros. Santa brought Zander a few new super hero's outfits to protect our house!!

Conner has expressed his concern of not having a sport since football season was over. I guess Santa thought maybe Conner could start snowboarding as a new found winter sport for Conner.

Megz loves Taylor Swift! She must have been extra good this year!!

And Stocks is growing up so fast. He has been so responsible this past year too. He got a new MP3 player. He has been walking around the house, acting just like a teenager with headphones in his ears.

Gar loves guns and seems to get some type every Christmas. Conner thought he would be a cool big brother and purchase a paintball gun for Conner this year!

I got the most awesome gift of all.... a new video camera.

It takes pretty good pictures too!! All the rest of the pictures were taken with my new camcorder.

Brooke, Rick, Grandma and Grandpa, and Jolene and Don all came over to our house for a delicious Christmas Day Dinner!! I love this picture of Brooke and me. Isn't she just beautiful!

We have got to spend a lot of time with Jolene and Don this year. They are both tons of fun to be with. We are all thankful for the friendship!!

Stocky got the best surprise of all. Grandma's gift to Stockton was this new, big, cool ping-pong table. I wish I had captured Stockton's expression when he opened the gift. It was priceless!

And Santa must have thought we needed to get in shape. He brought the family Wii Fit.

We played it ALL DAY LONG!

Flap those wings Grandpa!

Rick made the best bird of us all!

We even got a special visit from Steve, Heather, Stefanie, and Christopher this year. They stopped for a visit on their way to California.

And of course, what would a party be without Rockband!

Merry! Merry Christmas!!!