Saturday, May 31, 2008

California's Great Adventure

After a great visit with the Jaramillo's, Niel and I ventured up to California's Great Adventure Theme Park. We both enjoy all the thrill rides, and there were plenty at this park to be thrilled on. The park was nearly empty, so we got plenty excitement for the day. The problem was our stomachs weren't used to going up, down, upside down, around, and back up again. So, after riding every ride once, and many other rides more then once, we were both sick to our stomachs. We had a great time though!!!

This ride went up, upside down, down and then all over again. It even stopped upside down for a second.... crazy!

Niel and strapped ourselves together and tired the Extreme Free Fall. This was an extra cost ride, but definitely worth it. The contraption took us up really high. We were kind of laying.... kind of like super man when he flies. Then I pulled the trigger and we were free falling. It was extremely fun!

Niel was too sick to ride this ride with me. But if you look closely at the picture, you will see there aren't very many people on the ride. That is how empty the park was. There were 5 people on this ride.... including me.

This was Niel favorite ride. We rode this one the most. The little seats would take us ALL the way to the top. It was REALLY high up. Then, it would just drop us all the way to the ground.
No wonder we were so sick.... we rode this one three times.

We were able to leave the theme park with plenty of time to go to San Fransisco. We got to eat at Scoma's. Delicious!!!

We had a great vacation! After dinner we went to our hotel to get ready for our early flight back to Utah. We had to be up at 4:00 to catch our flight. We were wiped out from a big day of crazy adventures.

Friday, May 30, 2008

More California Fun

Ang and Patrick know how to show us a good time!

They took us to the Beach! It was a pretty sunny day, but a little chilly.

Niel and Patrick enjoyed a good game of frisbee.

Then they took us to Santa Cruz Boardwalk. We did some walking around and plenty of eating. Niel and I tried a Deep Fried Twinkie. It tasted like a twinkie dipped in grease... yum!

Monday, May 26, 2008

U2 3D

Gus and his wife Jen took us to see U2 3D at the IMAX theater down in Montery Bay. We had a great time! It was just like we were at the concert!!!

This is the new look that is coming to Utah!!!

Either this Belgium Waffle is large or Alayna is very small. Either way, it was a delicious breakfast at Bill's Cafe!

We took a nice stroll at Almaden Lake Park. It was a nice way to spend Sunday afternoon! San Jose is a beautiful spot!

Sunday, May 25, 2008


Guess where we are this Memorial Day weekend?

Niel and I finally got to meet Alayna!!! We are in San Jose California with Ang, Patrick, Arianna, and Alayna. My oh my.... she is adorable! Arianna is the best big sister ever!!!

We went to one of the coolest tourist attractions I have ever been to. The Mystery Spot was pretty incredible!

This is the only time in my life when I am actually taller then my little sister! Doesn't she look great for just having a baby 8 weeks ago?!

We are standing upright. I am serious.... we are!

We are having a great time! More pictures to come!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Scary Ants

Zander is scared to death of Ants! Oh... and he is scared to death of flies, spiders, bees, worms, cotton balls falling from the tree, and birds. I am a proud mother who has a big, tough, large, scared little boy...haha!

I took this video just after Zander had a very emotional screaming outburst when he saw a tiny family of ants on the sidewalk. I wish I could have gotten his first reaction. I thought he had gotten hit in the head with Conner's pick shovel.

At first I thought this new phobia to be very funny, but when he won't even walk from the house to the car or when he can't come in from the trampoline without someone holding his hand, his new phobia has gotten to be quit frustrating. Any one have any ideas?

Saturday, May 17, 2008

May 17th, 1999

Jayden Angelyn Quiring
November 12, 1998 - May 17, 1999

Nine years ago today brings another slew of emotions for me.  I have debated all day whether to post or not.  This was the worst day of my life..... and I hope I don't ever have a day that beats this one out.  I figured instead of posting something gloomy and sad, I would refer to you Ang's blog.  She said is all so sweetly and she made me smile.

I miss you Jaydee!!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

May 16th, 1999

Nine years ago today holds a lot of many incredible memories for me. A day I hope I can remember all my life. I have been thinking about this day, nine years ago, for several days now so I thought I would blog it.... maybe help me to remember this before I get too old and can't remember.
It was a Sunday....and it was Joel's homecoming ..... and it was Joel's birthday! My parent's house was filled with friendly faces. Family and friends had traveled from afar to see Joel and hear of his mission tales. Brooke and Ang both gave talks. I am pretty sure Misty sang a musical number (see... I am all ready forgetting). Then it was Joel's turn to speak. He got up and told about how his mission had changed his life. I remember him telling the story about when he knew the gospel was true. He had gotten in some trouble and was on his knee's praying. It was at that point he made the decision to change his life for the better. Lucky for me, his change meant moving to Utah to live with his Uncle Rick, Aunt Dot, and three silly girl cousins. Ah... I love that story!! I didn't have a brother, so having Joel come live with us was the closet to a brother I have known. What a blessing and example he was to me of true love, hard-work, patients and determination.
"I actually feel like I am finally doing something worth while in my life" Joel's letter to me while on his mission.

After sacrament meeting everyone migrated over to my parents house for food, fun and conversation. Grandma Dean and Lori had come up from New Mexico. Jared and Krista were also there.... I hadn't seen them in ages!! Uncle Vic, Aunt Sandy, Melanie and her family, Amber and her family. Uncle Ron and his family. Summer and Lindsay. Even some of Joel's old friends were there. It was quit a day. Plenty of delicious food and enough conversation to keep the house at a low hum!

As the day moved on we congregated upstairs to the TV room. The Utah Jazz were in the play-offs. It was game 5! The Jazz had won 2 games and the Sacramento Kings had won 2 games. John Stockton was my favorite player back then (my Stockton wasn't born yet). Joel was a big reason why I liked the Jazz so much. He had gotten me watching it and I was hooked. I sat on the floor because the room was so full. We all cheered loudly and booed even louder! I had little Jaydee on my lap the entire time.... we were enjoying the game together. She was playing with a plastic water bottle. She would hold it in her hands and then drop it and giggle.... just waiting for me to pick it up and give it back. Such a simple game to keep her entertained while I watched the game. The Jazz won! What a grand victory! But mostly... what a great day! I love my family and being together that day was a blessing to me. A day spent with happy faces and happy times.

Below is one of my favorite pictures of Joel. This picture was taken August 25, 2000.... just a little over one year from the day described above. So much happened between that short time. Joel met Kristy and her kids. Together they had wedding plans set for the following month!! Many things had happened in my little life too. That was the hardest year of my life by far. Each of those difficult times I remember Joel being there for me. And here he is again in this picture.... but this is a happy memory, my favorite kinds of memories. This is Joel, Kristy, Sara, and Sam coming to see baby Stockton in the hospital. What another great day that was!

I love you Joel! I miss you so very much!! Thank you for being a part of my many memories! Happy Birthday!!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day weekend!

This Mother's Day was a super busy one for us here at the Oscarson home. Anyone who knows me, I like things busy. So it was perfect!

We started Saturday morning with a bunch of giggling, hippie looking pre-teen girls. Megan celebrated her 11th birthday 70's style. It was fun to meet her friends and watch her interact. "Girls sure do talk a lot" ... was Conner's comment.

Right after the party we jumped in the car and headed up past Nephi for some 4-wheeling fun! We got there a little later then everyone, so we missed hanging out with my mom, Rick, Brynlee and Jolene. But Elaine, Russ, Kam , and Steve stayed a little longer with us. We had the time of our lives! Seriously, I have never ridden 4-wheelers like that before. I want to go again!

Sunday evening we had the two most wonderful mother's over for dinner. These two women leave me in awe! They are incredible!!! I love Mother's Day because it is a day I can honor my Mom and Joyce. It was so great to have them over! Niel smoked some yummy ribs and BBQed some delicious chicken. YUM!

What a better way to end the day! Conner and I love to play Rockband together. All the boys like playing, but Conner will let me play drums! Plus, he tries his best to be patient with me.

It was a perfect day! Conner made me breakfast. Niel even went out of his way and bought me a necklace. I am a super picky jewelry person. So far, he has made two attempts with jewelry. One was my perfect wedding ring, which is beautiful. Now I have a pretty necklace that I love too! Happy Mother's Day to all you wonderful mothers!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Family Fun Run

This past Saturday we all got to participate in a family fun run. Each member of the family got to take a turn running and competing. First off, Niel, Me, and Conner ran a 5K (3.2 miles). Niel crossed the finish line in 23 minutes.... he sure is fast! Conner and I finished at 31 minutes. Once again, Conner was one of the only 10 year olds.

Stockton and Garrett ran a 1/2 mile. They both did an excellent job! There were plenty of kids running in these races. Half a mile is a pretty long run for younger kids. Garrett actually took 2nd place in his age group. We are usually trying to keep up at home. He lived up to his reputation! He did such a great job. And Stockton kept right in the race. It was a true joy to watch them both. I was very proud of them!

Even Zander did a little run! His race was 1/4 mile. Grandpa Dean encouraged Zander the entire way.... running right beside him. Zander wanted to give up about half way through, but he was all smiles as he crossed the finish line. It was a very fun morning!!!!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Megan

Dear Megan,

I remember the very first time I met you. I brought Conner, Stockton and Garrett to eat with you and your dad at Carl's Jr. I remember climbing through the kids playground area and chasing you all around!! I also remember thinking what a beautiful girl you were and how much I hoped to get to know you better. You were only 7 years old then. Now you are growing up so fast and you are as beautiful as ever!! The best part is, I get to continue watching you grow up and being a part of it!

I loved it when I pick up Zander on Wednesdays and he is so anxious to see you. He gets all upset because I am not driving fast enough. It is nice to not be the only girl in the house. You are so very talented. This year was extremely fun to see you perform in the Children's Choir in Joseph and the Amazing Colored Dreamcoat. You were sensational! I am looking forward to many more plays in the future.

You are coming along on your piano playing talents! I love to hear your songs each week and watch you progress. Piano has always been something I loved through my childhood.... I hope you will as well. You have a good ear for music, both on the piano and also in your voice. Singing karaoke at Grandpa's house is one of my favorite things to do together with you!

You bring a little sugar and spice and everything nice to our home! Your smile is contagious. You are incredibly helpful and the love you give each member in the family makes us each feel special. You are great to just jump in and play tough with the boys. They love it! There isn't anything I enjoy more then watching you all play together.

I love you Megan. I love your smile! Happy Birthday!!!!