Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!!

Another great year in the books!!

Garrett was GMAN for halloween. I have always told him he has super hero powers. He sure looks like a super hero to me.

Grandma Dean made his awesome costume this year. Gar got to design it himself and Grandma put just the right touches on it.

He looked incredible!

Zander made a perfect Joker. Look at that mean face.

Stocks knows just how to be Michael Jackson. He has the moves and everything!

Conner was a Knight. This is a super awesome costume because we are Lonepeak Knights.... everyone loved it!

Here were are..... the "Where's Waldo" group. Check out my awesome manager. Doesn't he just make a perfect Waldo?

All the kids are old enough now to go Trick - or - treating with friends. Niel and I were spent the holiday handing out candy and watching a scary movie. It was a great Halloween!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

More FUN!

Smile! We are just having so much fun!!

This was the secret to our successful Disneyland trip.... FAST PASSES!

We stayed at some pretty fun hotels and even squeezed in a little time for some swimming!

They had a big breakfast buffet as part of the hotel stay. YUM! I broke the waffle machine though. Trust me, it was super embarrassing. I spilled waffle batter all over the place.

I believe the favorite ride for the older kids was Tower of Terror. They went on the ride over and over again. They are the goofy kids on the top left. Conner, Kayla, and Megan on the top back row and Stocks and Carson on the second row!

These orange socks have almost become part of the family. Conner wears them everywhere he goes.

This was one of Garrett's favorite rides. Grizzly rapids. He loved to see how soaked he could get.

We took a break and rode on some of the more simple rides.

Some of our favorite Disney characters.

This was my least favorite ride. It was a gigantic ferris wheel and moved and slide. It freaked me out!

YUM! The pineapple drink was delicious! It's a good thing we didn't try it until the last day at the park. Otherwise, I would have been drinking them all day long!

We rode the bus into the park and back home each night. We were tired by the end of the day.

Our California Adventure was awesome! We had a great time together as a family. It is truly one of the most happiest places on earth!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Our Second Magical Day

We ran into some friends while at Disneyland. Kinda funny because these were the same people we ran into at Las Vegas last Spring Break. They just have good taste on where they vacation. We watch Kayla and Carson do a special dance performance.

Pluto was the only character we could find to get our picture taken with!

So proud of Stockton. He isn't a big thrill seeker. He was a little unsure about going on the big roller coaster. But once he did....

... he was sure glad he did. We all had a great time on the big roller coaster. It even went upside down!

California Adventure was our favorite place! All the riders on that side of the park were fantastic!

This is a painting. It was pretty cool!

Tired after a long day of fun!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Happiest Place on Earth

Disneyland is a magical place!

I couldn't help but snap this picture.

"The Lost Children"

Those were the only frowns we had the entire trip!!

What's vacation without some good food to eat?
We had several Disneyland experts tell us we needed to try the corn dog stand on Main Street. They weren't kidding.... these were the best corn dogs ever! YUM!

Garrett was my driver for the cars adventure. He actually is a pretty great driver. We only crashed once and it was pretty minor.

I remember as a kid going on the tea cups ride. It was a favorite of mine. The kids seemed to enjoy it also. We spent move of our time on the bigger rides, but we did sneak in some of the older Disneyland specials too.

As I was saying.... onto the bigger rides!

Splash Mountain was a favorite of ours.

We also really liked Star Wars. The first time we rode it, Zander was the spy. The second time we rode it, Garrett was the spy. Who knew our little kiddo's were spy rebels.

It was a great first day at Disneyland! The crowds were pretty light and the weather was perfect!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

On Our Way To....

... Disneyland!

For Fall Break this year we decided to take a quick trip to Disneyland. The boys had told me it was child abuse that they hadn't gotten to go yet in their life. HaHa!

The kids saved their money to purchase some fun stuff on the trip. I had to take a picture of this because Stocks was SO proud of himself for saving this much money! I was pretty proud of him too!

We drove the first night to Las Vegas. We stayed at The Sheraton. It had this really large fish tank. It was awesome to look at!!!

We drove the rest of the way to California. We spent the day at the cold beach. The kids said it was warm enough to be in the water. They enjoyed some fun in the ocean boogie boarding and chasing waves.

There were lots of surfers in the area. Fun to watch them ride on some waves.

I thought it was pretty cold, so I chilled out on the shore with Garrett. Him and I played in the sand.
Stocky was born to surf. He loves it!

For dinner was tried this awesome place called Slater's 50/50. It was so yum!! Most of us created our own burgers. We even got to name them.

We all tried some delicous fried pickles!

Conner was the adventurous one. He tried the PB&Jelly-ishous!!! It's a burger with Peanut Butter, Jelly and bacon on it.