Sunday, December 26, 2010

Family Dinner

Family dinners are an all time favorite for all of us. Especially when everyone comes! Ang, Pat and the girls were here from California. Aunt Elaine, Russ, Kam, Steve, and Ruthie all joined us as well.

Niel cooked up a variety of different types of meats for everyone's liking. Everyone brought some of their favorites to share with everyone. Talk about a perfect meal!

Aunt Lisa always gives the best gifts. This year she got us a chocolate fountain. We put it to good use for the party.

My favorite were the cherries dipped in white chocolate. YUMMY!

The little boys talked all the big guys into have a nerf gun war. Not sure who won but I think the kids won but only because they gave the adults the guns that jammed up....haha! At least that was the grown-ups excuse.

Fun family times!
Happiest Holidays!


Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Hike

A tradition on Niel's side of the family is going for a Christmas Hike.

The hike was a little muddy this year which is different than the usual snow. We all still had such an adventure.

The boys wondered off the trail and up to explore. They found a big heard of deer and followed them as far as they possibly could. They ended up having a large deer party running from them. Check out how close they got!

The clouds were down below us. More in the city and we were above them. We couldn't see much below but saw blue skies all around.

The hike ended up being difficult for Zander. Towards the end his little legs were getting tired. Grandma J walked with him and tried to get his mind off of his hurting legs. I think he was pleased with himself and his efforts when it was all done.

Zander said it looked like we were in heaven. It was a beautiful view.

Christmas 2010


A new little tradition we have started this year is going to the store on Christmas Eve. Everyone gets to pick one food item of their choice. Everyone has to share their food item at dinner or during the night. It sure makes for an interesting Christmas Even dinner.

This year's picks:

Niel - Jalapeno Pepper Poppers ~ Amy - Ranch Doritos ~ Conner - Sparkling Apple Juice ~ Stockton - Caffeine Free Diet Coke ~ Garrett - CheezeIts ~ Zander - Super Hero Popsicles


After dinner we each picked a game and played together.

Grandma came over on Christmas Eve with a bag full of gifts. After opening gifts we all watched It's a Wonderful Life!

Time for bed. The boys like to sleep together in the family room. That way when the first person wakes up, they can all wake up.

They all must have been real tired because at 7:00 am I had to go get them all up. I couldn't believe it!

We all must have been really good this year!

Check out all the awesome costumes Zander got this year!

Garrett received so much Nerf stuff this year. I think he is set for the rest of his life!!

It's a new bike for Stocks this year!

Conner got some music and RipStick.

I finally got the Stockton jersey I have been dying for!!! Niel got his Kindle (well, kinda. Santa had to back order it). SWEET!

The day was filled with fun toy playing and enjoying each other's company!!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Slushball Fight!

We received very little snow this year for Christmas. We did get some, but it also came with a bunch of rain. The snow turned into slush.

As you can imagine with 4 little boys and one big man - snowballs are usually flying all over the place. We all decided to have a little fun outside together with a good slush ball fight. We chased each other around and around, getting hit and dodging slush balls from each other. It was WAY too much fun!

Looks like Niel got the worst of it. This picture is my favorite. Gman is gearing up to knock Niel in the back.

Stocks is taking his shot at Niel too as Niel is trying to get ready with a good comeback.

Looks at Zander's toothless grin. He lost a tooth over the holidays! I think it is because he at too much candy!

We had a ton of fun!! Then it was back inside the house for some hot chocolate.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

BYU Basketball Game

We love BYU Basketball!!

Grandpa Dean and Grandma and Grandpa J came to the game with us. Not sure why I didn't get a picture - oops!

Zander was thrilled to be there. He watched the game very intently. He cheered and booed too.
It's the first sporting event that Zander has actually sat and watched and even seemed to know what was going on!

It was a great game! BYU was losing when we first walked in but they had a strong come back and won the game!! Very exciting!!

Candy Houses

When I ask the kids what their favorite Christmas tradition is.....

....making candy houses is their number 1 favorite.

I love to see what great creation they are going to come up with.

Stocks has the windmill thing going on. Look at the cute little animals he made with marshmellows. Love it!

Gman has a couple of "naughty bears" on his. One is on the roof messing around and another playing in the big piles of snow (the large marshmellows). Fun!

Zander is proud of the chocolate teddy bear parade going on in his house. He has a bunch doing the cat-walk. Very creative!

Conner's theme is "The First Settlement." He has little firepits wrapped in a circle of warmness. Great idea!

Me and Niel are pretty simple folk. Just a straight up candy house with candy. Niel did make a little stream in front with a nice little walk way. At least one of us is creative!

Another fun candy making memories to add to the books!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Temple Lights

Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas without our annual trip up to Temple Square.

We start the night off right with a ride up on Tracks.

Gar and I got in BIG trouble for taking the picture of his laying down on the tracks. Oops! Did you know there is a big fine for "playing on the tracks?"

We filled our tummies with delicious food from JB's and then headed to see the beautiful lights!

Stocks brought along his friend - Tanner Templeton!

I love this tradition. We try to do it early enough in the season to get us all in the Christmas Spirit. I love spending the time with my little family and also our parents!

It was a great evening!

On a side note.... we witness 14 different couples get engaged. Wow! That was just crazy!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Santa 2010

What do you want for Christmas?

I think Garrett, Zander, and Stockton have been good this year. Santa might bring them what they asked for.

Notice there is someone missing from the picture? Apparently someone is too old to sit on Santa's lap!! I suppose I have reached another stage in life. This stage means someone is growing up WAY too fast.

Not sure I like this stage.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Vegas Baby!

One thing Niel loves to do that I have enjoyed doing with him is going to the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas!

We hadn't been for a couple years, so it was fun to go this year.

Niel surprised me with an early Christmas gift. He wouldn't tell me what is was but that I would get it on our trip. What a surprise when I found out it was skydiving. YEAH.... I went skydiving and Niel came with me too. It was an awesome, crazy experience. It was also an awesome, incredible gift!

Here are just some of the fun things we did in Vegas on this trip!
We also went and saw Jersey Boys but I didn't get a picture. It was a great show! One of my favorite shows I have seen in Vegas!

And look who we ran into...... don't tell Tim this, but he is shorter than I thought he would be.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Santa Cruz Boardwalk

We love the Santa Cruz Boardwalk.

Looks at the beautiful beach!!

We happened to be in California for Arianna's birthday. If this is how she celebrates her birthday - I better never miss a celebration ever again.

Grandpa is super silly!! All the grand kids love him - me too!!

We went on a super amazing roller coaster. Seriously... I think the most fun, family, friendly roller coaster there is.

The boys went on this ride over and over again.

Look at Ari's face. Yeah... this is about how I feel at the end of day after hanging out with roudy boys all day long. She was a good sport! It was so great to spend an entire day with cousins.

Walking back to the car after a great day on the boardwalk.

Ari got baptized while we were there. It was wonderful being there for the event. She is growing up SO fast! So beautiful too.

I love this picture!

We had a fabulous trip!!! It is so much fun to spend a couple days with Ang, Pat, Ari, Alayna, and Kayla. So much in fact that is makes me miss them so much when we leave.

I miss you guys all ready!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

A San Jose Thanksgiving!

Look who we found for Thanksgiving!!

I was overly exciting this year to spend the Thanksgiving holiday this year. It has been 6 years since I have spent the actual Thanksgiving holiday with my family.

It was fantastic!!

Patrick smoked a turkey - DELIGHTFUL!

Kayla is growing up so fast. She is so adorable!!

Alayna loved playing with the boys. She just kept laughing and laughing.

Ari and Zander are quit the pair. They enjoyed some quiet time playing the DS.

After such a great meal the next thing to do is watch TV. Good times!!

I am super thankful for the wonderful people in my life!! I am truly blessed.