Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas 2010


A new little tradition we have started this year is going to the store on Christmas Eve. Everyone gets to pick one food item of their choice. Everyone has to share their food item at dinner or during the night. It sure makes for an interesting Christmas Even dinner.

This year's picks:

Niel - Jalapeno Pepper Poppers ~ Amy - Ranch Doritos ~ Conner - Sparkling Apple Juice ~ Stockton - Caffeine Free Diet Coke ~ Garrett - CheezeIts ~ Zander - Super Hero Popsicles


After dinner we each picked a game and played together.

Grandma came over on Christmas Eve with a bag full of gifts. After opening gifts we all watched It's a Wonderful Life!

Time for bed. The boys like to sleep together in the family room. That way when the first person wakes up, they can all wake up.

They all must have been real tired because at 7:00 am I had to go get them all up. I couldn't believe it!

We all must have been really good this year!

Check out all the awesome costumes Zander got this year!

Garrett received so much Nerf stuff this year. I think he is set for the rest of his life!!

It's a new bike for Stocks this year!

Conner got some music and RipStick.

I finally got the Stockton jersey I have been dying for!!! Niel got his Kindle (well, kinda. Santa had to back order it). SWEET!

The day was filled with fun toy playing and enjoying each other's company!!

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