Monday, December 31, 2007

Merry Christmas!

This was the first year we were able to spend Christmas all together as a family. We only have the kids every other Christmas. As you can imagine, we were super busy. We were suppose to spend Christmas Eve with Niel's sister and her family. However, the roads were too bad to drive up to Ogden and we got a late start. So, we went to the grocery store and bought some steaks... YUM! After our delicious dinner, the kids put on the nativity scene. It was super cute. We got to bed at a reasonable time. We woke up extremely early as we had plans to go to Grandma and Grandpa Dean's house for our traditional Christmas breakfast. We were up by 6:00 am to do Santa stuff. The kids were excited and happy. They must have been pretty good this past year. We got to breakfast just in time to see Grandpa before he had to head to work. We spent a good part of the morning at Grandma's house with her and Aunt Ang, Uncle Pat and Arianna. We sure do miss them!! We left their house to take a quick nap before heading to see "Alvin and the Chipmunks!" The kids loved the show. After the movie, we ran home to pick up the dog and headed to Grandma and Grandpa J's for their traditional Christmas hike. It was cold outside! The kids enjoyed it. They even saw some deer and elk. We ate Roast Beef Sandwiches for dinner and then headed back home. The kids were finally able to play with some of their presents. All and all, it was a great day! One of the best Christmas's ever!!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Ice Skating!

Garrett did really well skating too... especially with his age. As long as someone would hold onto his had for balance, he wasn't afraid to skate quick and fast. He looked better than some of the adults on the ice. He is thinking he might want to sign up for Hockey.

"No Way! I am not getting on that ice!" Zander liked to wear his skates, but absolutely refused to get on the ice in them.

Grandma and Arianna came skating with us too. Grandma was so nice to hold our hands and help us keep our balance so we wouldn't fall down.

Conner was an excellent skater and had a great time! He fell down a few times, but hopped right back up!

Stocks is a very determined skater. He never gave up, even with all the falls!! I was very proud of him for sticking with it, and even more happy he had such a good time!

Yicks! Are are starting to fall down!! HELP us !!!!

Isn't this just the cutest picture of Brooke and Brynlee? It was so much fun having them there!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Zander's stage fright!

Zander had his very first Christmas singing performance with his pre-schoold class. We all were very excited to go as this would be the first outward performance for him. It was his moment to shine. But wouldn't you know it, he got stage fright. He didn't even sing a note, except for when Santa came out. Then he got a little worried Santa would see him not singing. Look at his face when Santa takes a look at him! Too funny!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas Traditions

My favorite part of this holiday season is all the wonderful Christmas traditions we have in our family.

Our tree is decorated with ornaments that are hand made... well, about 95% of the tree is decorated with handmade ornaments. Even ones from when I was a little girl. This year we made jingle bell reindeer. They turned out really cute! We even put our tree up early.... the weekend before Thanksgiving! It got us in the Christmas spirit just a little earlier this year!

The temple lights were beautiful this year! We rode up on Trax's to Salt Lake. The kids always enjoy the exciting ride! The weather was perfect! Just chilly enough to remind us that it is Christmas time, but not so cold that we were freezing our little bottoms off. There weren't many people out that night because of the storm earlier in the day. Light crowds are a big plus for me! We did stand in line for over an hour for dinner. Even worse then standing in line for so long was the fact that it was McDonald's. There is a lot of construction going on in downtown Salt Lake, so there weren't many options for dinner to choose from. The kids were all very patient and good though... and ate those delicious hamburger faster then I have ever seen them eat!!

Ho! Ho! Ho!! We love to visit Santa. This year, Grandma and Grandpa took us to Albertson's. They had a great Santa!! He was holly and jolly. We got to see Grandpa at work. We didn't have to wait in any long crazy lines, and we could take as many pictures as we wanted and didn't have to pay for any pictures!! I think visiting Santa at Albertson's might become a regular Christmas tradition!

One of my favorite things to do with the kids, is spending a night decorating gingerbread houses! I wonder if it is all the candy that I love or watching the kids be creative and see what they are going to make!!

Zander had a great time with his Gingerbread house. He dumped as much candy onto his sweet creation as possible It was his first year doing his very own. He did a pretty good job and enjoyed using his creative imagination!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Guess who I met?

Today I went to the temple. I was sitting in the lobby waiting for Melanie and Jonathan. I was slightly early. There was many things to watch... young, happy couples getting married. A family with two older boys getting sealed together. A bunch of young 12 year old boys coming out, just finishing up baptisms for the dead. I was sitting back, watching it all. Everyone so happy, which is why I like to just sit and watch at the temple.... everyone is filled with happy smiles.
As I was sitting there, President Monson walked out of the temple. I looked at him for a while, watching him, trying to figure out if it was really him. Then he spoke, and I knew it was him. He was walking around to all the people, shacking hands and asking for names. He had a comment every now and again and even a few stories. It was very intriguing to watch. I love this man! He has been around since I was a child, and I have loved hearing his messages since I can remember. I was hoping for a chance to get to shake his hands, but wasn't sure if he would have time to get around to everyone. I got on my feet and made my way over to where he was. I figured it was a once in a lifetime chance to really meet a man like him. After all, I am 31 years old and haven't run into that kind of opportunity yet. As he came around to me, I was getting a little excited! I could feel the spirit about him and even got a little teary eyed. He stopped right in front of me. I extended my hand out to give him a shake. I have been known to have a firm hand shake, and I think being a little nervous, I tend to be even a little more firm. He shook my hand and I introduced myself. "Well Sister Oscarson, that is one strong hand shake you have there. That is good. It is a sign of confidence. I also see you have a dimple. This is good too. I used to have one in my day. Did you know, I hear it is a sign of intelligence." I just smiled and said, "I will have to remember that." He smiled at me and moved on down the line. Continuing to meet everyone there. All were anxious to shake his hand. It was an incredible experience. One I will not forget. I was glad I got there early!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

A new addition!

Amy, Niel, Conner, Megan, Stockton, Garrett and Zander would like to announce the addition to our Family. Rockstar, or Rocky, is the newest, smallest member of our little family. What a furry little ball of quiet he is. He rarely makes a peep, and when he does it is because he is lonely and wants a little attention. He is very cuddly and loves to be scratched on his tummy. He is even almost potty trained... yeah! We adopted Rocky from a woman who had passed away. She had many dogs, but kept them in kennels most of their lives. Rocky enjoys being out and about. When we first brought him home, he wasn't sure what to do with all the roaming freedom, but he is getting used to it and I think he even likes us.... yes, he even likes Zander and Zander loves him. He has won all our hearts, even Niel's. He sure is a beautiful addition.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Cruise Thoughts

We are back! It sure was a nice vacation. Here are a few more pictures and memories!!

We didn't spend too much on the cruise. Our biggest purchase was internet use. Niel and I sure don't like to be disconnected from the world. We were willing to pay big bucks to stay up to date with the world!!

This was my favorite waitress. She was super great! I told her once that I liked chocolate milk, but they didn't have chocolate milk in the dining area. So, she poured me a glass of milk and added chocolate syrup to it. She made it special for me every night. It completely made my day.

This was our dinner group we sat with each night. The couple on the left were from Germany, and the couple on the right were from Pennsylvania. They were the nicest people!!!

There were 12 levels on the ship. This is me, standing on the 8th floor taking a picture down to floor 4. Our room was on the 3rd floor. Niel I only road the elevator 1 time... just so we could see what it was like. That was our form of exercise throughout the day to burn off all the extra food we ate!

Sunday, November 25, 2007


Saturday - Post by Niel

We stopped in Cozumel Mexico today. The boat didn't get there until10:00 or so, so after eating breakfast everybody was anxious to pile off the boat to get into Cozumel. We were looking forward to doing some shopping in the city because we had heard there was some very good deals to be had. Before shopping, however, we had a snorkeling excursion planned. This was one of the easy excursions to get on, the boat was tied right to the pier close to our cruise ship. It was a decent size boat and we probably had 30-40 of our shipmates along with us. It was a beautiful day and we were looking forward to a fun day in the ocean. This trip was much different from any of our other trips, they had free drinks on the boat. We were used to paying $3for a soda. So we enjoyed a Fanta on the boat ride.The boat ride to the snorkeling spot took about an hour, but the time went quickly because we were riding along the coast. Cozumel seems to be full of resorts and we got to admire many of them as we rode by.There looked like some very fun resorts to take the kids too, some of them with beautiful beaches. It is a beautiful place and we would like to come back some time. Amy knows some people who vacation there often and really enjoy it.We finally arrived at our spot and got a brief orientation on snorkeling. We then jumped in the ocean. Amy was such a good sport,the ocean is not her favorite thing and when the dive master started joking about sting rays and sharks it didn't help. But she gamely jumped in the water with everyone else. We were on a very pretty reef and got to swim around looking at the fish and coral. Amy got the chance to see a dolphin up close and I watched a sea turtle for a little while. The guide dove down to the bottom and grabbed on to the turtle and went for a little bit of a ride. It was a fun experience.We then swam out to where the reef drops off and they say the depth of the ocean goes to 3000 feet almost immediately. It was just one big dark hole and you couldn't see much, but it was fun to look down and think of just how deep the ocean is.After about 90 minutes in the water we hopped back in the boat and took off for the city. The beer and tequila were flowing freely now.We sat and enjoyed our free Fanta and watched as the boat got louder and louder and louder. It was very entertaining. By the end these people who started off so quiet were dancing and singing and carrying on.We were nice and sticky from swimming in the ocean, so we ran back to the ship quickly to shower and change and then headed out to the shops. It was a quick taxi ride. The city is very nice, it was clean and the people were friendly. Not nearly as pushy as the folks in Jamaica and much cleaner than what I had seen in Tijuana. The shopping was nothing to get excited about however. We weren't in the market for diamonds or jewelery, or prescription drugs, so that left us t-shirts and trinkets. We were able to find some cool necklaces for the kids and a noise maker for Zander. Other than that we mostly walked around and enjoyed the sites of the city and watched the people and saw some interesting things in the stores.We then caught a taxi ride back to the ship and got ready for dinner.We were the only ones at our dinner table, the day must have worn everyone out. But the menu for dinner was our favorite, I had two appetizers and we both had two desserts. Amy really liked her Strawberry shortcake and my key lime pie was great. After that we walked around for a little while, but after a long day in the sun we were both really tired so we watched the end of Evan Almighty and went to sleep. Cozumel was beautiful, I think my favorite place we stopped. I hope we make it back with the whole family some day.

Grand Cayman


Today was Grand Cayman day. We had to take a boat ride to the pier to get on the island. The ocean was just to shallow to dock. We had a day planned of jet skiing! Our guide was a British man with a strong accent. He was very laid back….and still hung over from the Thanksgiving festivities the night before. He was entertaining and funny. The jet skiing venture wasn't quite what we expected, but it was really fun. The jet ski's were ones you laid down on, with your stomach against the seat and your backside up to the sun. The reason for this was because you could see through a clear glass at the bottom of the ski, so you could see what was in the ocean. This was a perfect way for me to see the bottom. It meant that I didn't have to physically get in the ocean, plus I got to be next to my strong husband who could protect me from the ocean animals I fear so much.It was a very nice, warm day. We got to feed the fish bread and watch them jump all over the place. We even saw a sea turtle….it was far down on the bottom, but very cool to see. Niel jumped in the water to cool down. It was very clear ocean and extremely beautiful.We headed towards town to see what the Grand Cayman's had to offer us. The American dollar was lower then Cayman Island dollar, so everything was very expensive for us. We went to the Del Sol shop and got a color changing Frisbee and then headed to Margarita Ville for some good old American food. Our hamburgers were delicious, and the music was great. The cruise ship has been playing a lot of latin or big band music, but nothing too modern, so it was nice to hear some stuff we liked. They also had a water slide at the restaurant. Niel went down the slide and we just sat around, watched the kids play and keep tabs on the sports games that were on TV….almost like being at home. I just missed the kids and knew they would have had a great time if they were there with us. We walked the streets for a while.They have a lot of Banks in the Caymans. It seemed more of a rich town, every different from Jamaica.We got back on the ship and ready for dinner. It was another dress up night. Niel looked dashing in his suite! It is fun to get all dressed up for a night. We talked with our German friends at dinner about the economy. Niel was in heaven speaking with Jorgen. He is an economist in Germany. Niel loves that kind of stuff. We went to an extremely entertaining show. It was a comedian cowboy. He was pretty funny. Then they had the love and marriage show. That was pretty funny too. It was time for the chocolate night. It was very fancy.More chocolate then I had ever seen. They even had a gigantic dragon,carved out of chocolate. I was in heaven…more sweets then my stomach could hold ( I never thought I would hear myself say that). We had a nice time though. It was a good day!!

Jamaica Man! - Thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving! This Thanksgiving sure wasn't the hometown traditional Thanksgiving. We were in Jamaica Man! Mostly, we were looking forward to getting off the boat. The port was a crazy mess. People were all over the place. We walked through the mess and headed over to the main entrance. The minutes we step out of the port we were summoned over by a Jamaican taxi man. He grabbed us and started walking us down the street. Niel and I weren't sure what we were doing anyway, but our plan was to just take in a few shops right near the port, and then head back to get on our horseback riding excursion. This taxi driver had other plans in store for us. He wanted to take us into town. After much begging on his part, and much unsure confusion on our part, we finally convinced him a drive wasn't in our agenda. I turned to walk back to close shops. He then grabbed Niel by the arm and said "You like you party man?" This was for Niel's ears only. We quickly moved away from him and headed for the shops. We were just about the only cruise people in there….actually the onlyAmericans. The Jamaicans are high pressure sales people. Without fail, at each entrance of a store we would be greeted by one Jamaican who would beg us to come into their store. "T-shirts are 7 for 20 dollar." This is what each Jamaican said. Once in the stores, we were followed around endlessly. They told us everything was on discount. Needless, to say, it was not the greatest experience. We cut our shopping venture short and headed back to the boat to wait for our excursion to begin. We found our sign that read, "Horseback!" A Jamaican man took our tickets and started to walk off. Great! Again, we were unsure as to what was going on. We were both very confused, so we just followed the guy. He walked back and forth for a while, then he glanced over his shoulder and realized we were still there. He then found us a driver and told him to get us on the bus. This older Jamaican bus driver man starting walking with us heading toward the buses. We didn't get to far when he stopped and got in an argument with another bus lady Jamaican bus driver. They were yelling at each other for along time, while Niel and I just stood there trying to figure out what was going on. We did finally make it on the right bus to the horseback riding adventure. The Jamaican people are very poor people. We drove through their town. There was a lot of unfinished, old buildings. The area was very green, but very dirty. We saw many Jamaican children heading to school. They all wore uniforms, but their schools were in very poor condition as well. They went to school in broken down buildings or trailers. There were tiny kids, maybe about 3 years old all dressed up in uniforms too. Our driver told us they start school when they are really young. It was very interesting.The horseback riding trip was very nice. We rode through a tiny little village. Again, the people were super poor. I am not sure what to call the places they lived. They were every worse then shacks. It was crazy to think that is really how other people lived. There were kids playing in the village, and people just hanging around. They all looked really happy. They seemed to like their simple lives. After trotting through the village, we got to ride the horse through the ocean. The horses all followed in a line and we went deep in the water, so the horses heads were barely above water. It was a very neat experience. We headed right back to the port and right to the ship. Jamaica was fun, but not exactly what we were expecting.Once on the ship we decided to try out some of the things we hadn't tried out yet. We both climbed the rock wall and then we went to the bungee trampoline event. Niel and I sat to wait with a bunch of 13 year old girls…haha! I had a blast jumping so high up, doing backwards and front wards flips, I even got two flips in at a time. Niel did it as well. It was probably my most favorite part of the cruise thus far.It was time for Thanksgiving dinner. We headed to the dining room to feast with our great dinner group. The turkey was delicious. It was probably a little more fancy then I was used to, but it was nice. We went the evening show, which was very entertaining. I am not sure if it was the turkey in our stomachs, or the extremely active day, but we were both exhausted. We went back to our rooms and quickly fell asleep.

More Cruising


We were sound asleep, resting up for our big Haiti trip, which included zip lining down the country side, when the captain awoke us with an announcement. The weather was too bad to port…what? I was half awake when he gave the sad news. The weather had been horrible, the boat rocking all night and such. I just couldn't believe we weren't going to port. A day at the beach, in the hot sun was just too much fun to miss out on, not to mention the zip line excursion.That was the one excursion I had begged Niel to sign us up for. I was super disappointed! However, sleeping in again did sound good, so we went back to bed.Another day on the boat wasn't sounding too appealing, but there wasn't really anything we could do about it. The wind was blowing pretty hard, but it was possible to be on deck. When mid-afternoon rolled around, there was an announcement that someone was very ill and they were flying in the coast guard helicopter for some aid and to get the sick passenger off. Everyone was excited about this! Everyone lined the decks to see the big show. Yes, even I was on the deck watching it all…. After all, there wasn't really much else to do. We were later told that one of the kitchen staff members had a mild heart attach. He was only 32 years old! I guess they work their people pretty hard..ha! It sounds like the man is doing well and was able to get the medical attention he needed. I headed up on deck to watch the kids splash in the pool, do a little people watching, and read my book. Niel spent the afternoon playing poker, and searching for me.We did find each other just in time to get dressed for dinner. Our dinner friends are so extremely nice. It really is fun to listen to each other's stories and share our own. It makes me miss home….Especially the kids. They are so nice to just listen us.The evening was much like our others evenings. A show, karaoke, and walking the upper deck under the stars. Tonight, we played a fun game. We had to team up in groups and do wild and crazy things. Niel was wild crazy…. He took off his pants, touched ladies bra's….I even got some pictures! I was of the wholesome group…I did the splits forpoints..haha! It was a great evening!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Cruising part two

Tuesday - Posted by Niel

We had our exciting day at sea today. Sleeping in was a peace of cake,as Amy mentioned, not only was the room dark but with the time zone change it didn't even feel like we had slept too long. Neither of us were very hungry after all the eating the day before, so we decided to go for a morning run. There is a ¼ mile track around the top deck of the boat. Our run turned into an adventure, the boat was heading into a very strong head wind, so combined with the movement of the boat the wind was really whipping. We would turn the corner and head into the wind and feel like we were barely moving, then gusts would come up and we'd feel like we were going to get tossed into the railing. But then we would turn and go the other way and we'd just get blown down the track. Combined with dodging the people walking around it was an exciting run. We then went into the gym for a little while. By that time we were both so hot we decided we would get in the pool and cool off. It felt great to cool down and we had BBQ by the pool and watched people (an endless source of entertainment on a cruise).The afternoon was just a calm relaxing day. I took a bit of a nap and Amy got ice cream and learned more about how to work her camera. As the afternoon wore on the seas got rougher and boat started moving around a lot.. I have a tendency to get sea sick, but it didn't get me too much…Amy had a little bit of an upset stomach, but we seemed to get through it ok. Our table mate at dinner from Germany wasn't so lucky, he said he had not been feeling good all day and didn't have much of an appetite. We had a great conversation with them during dinner though, and they invited us to come to Germany and stay at their place and explore the German countryside. We'll have to see if that trip happens, but it sounds fun.It was formal night so we got all decked out and had a great time walking around in our fancy clothes. We got our picture taken several times, enjoyed dinner (I had two deserts because I couldn't decide).We went to a Broadway revue show and had to sit in different spots because it was so full. I wasn't sure I wanted to let Amy sit next to anyone else looking as fantastic as she did. The show wasn't bad,after that we enjoyed some more karaoke (many of the same singers) and romantic dancing at the Viking lounge. The dancing was the highlight of the day, we enjoyed the chance to dance close and smile about our fun vacation. We then went to bed a little earlier than we would have to prepare for our exciting day in Haiti.

Post from Amy
Niel also won a good amount playing poker today. Enough to get him into the poker tournament, and enough for me to shop with!!! I got to spend the afternoon climb the rock wall!!! Super fun times!!

The start of our cruise...don't get jealous!!!

Niel and I set the air sails this morning. We spent the day in the blue sky and in the St. Louis airport. The whole day went really smoothly and quickly, which is surprising. I had been dreading the long traveling day. The day started off just perfectly when Niel was able to get in touch with our kind neighbor, Sister Greenburg. She was willing to take our primary class full of nine, 5 year old boys. Niel had been calling with desperate attempts to find someonefor the next two Sundays. She volunteered to substitute the next two weeks. What a lifesaver!! Brooke, Rick and Brynlee met us at our door. Rick and Bryn were leaving on a jet plane about the same time we were to visit Grandma Jolene in California. Brooke drove all ofus. They entertained us on the drive up. Brynlee sang "Kiss" fromPrince, with help from her dad. It was a nice way to start the day! I had the silly song stuck in my head the next 8 hours of traveling....ha! The airport was pretty empty considering the fact itwas the weekend right before Thanksgiving. All of our flights were full though. Niel got sandwiched on our first flight. He sat in the middle of me and an extremely wide older man. He spent the entire 3 and a half hour flight squashed. How could I complain though, it meant he was squashing next to me!! We stepped off the plane into Ft Lauderdale with much enthusiasm. The air smelled muggy and musty, we could feel the humidity, yeah! We had made it! Our tummies were rumbling for some good, non-peanut, non-cracker airport food. Once we got checked into the hotel, we hit the road on foot to find some place opened late on a Sunday night. We walked around for quite a while, but most things were closed. Finally, we found a nice little family owned Italian spot, Angelino's.They served us with a smile, and went overboard in making sure we left happy customers, which we did. Yum! It hit the spot. We slept well! The bed was very hard, but we were so tired, I don't think it really mattered. Sitting all day traveling somehow makes us so tired...go figure. The boat didn't leave until afternoon time, so we have plenty of time to walk around. I think we were both anxious to get on the ship, so the few hours of wandering seemed like a very long time. We hit Denny's, a little disappointed with the service after such a wonderful eating experience the night prior. Finally, it was time to enter the ship. We were both extremely nervous and anxious when we arrived at the port. After our last experience in Port Los Angeles, we were both barely breathing for fear we wouldn't get on the ship for some reason or another. With passports and papers in hand, we held our breath. Things went very smoothly! Within minutes we were on the lovely ship, 'Enchantment of the Seas!' The ship is very elegant, a little older, but full of beauty, fun, and lots of kids, couples, and older people. We wereboth surprised at the diversity. Thus far, it's been a great trip! On the ship they have a little of everything. Plenty of places to eat! A nice little track around onthe top of the ship! A few swimming pools and hot tubs! A casino to throw our money away at!! A good size gym to work our overeating off! A karaoke stage!! Our little room has a nice sized bed. Our eating table has good people. A 4 year married couple from Pennsylvania and a 40 year married couple from Germany. They seem like very nice people. I am sure dinner will be entertaining. We sang the night away at karaoke. We haven't sang yet, but hopefully we get the courage up before the end of the cruise. We danced a little to some latin music. We aren't the best latin dancers, but that was the only music playing and we wanted to dance, so we made the best ofit! Most everyone was in bed early, so we took the opportunity to have our own hot tub on the top of the ship. The night sky was very romantic. We would have enjoyed it longer, but we got booted out after only about 5 minutes...dang it! We got dressed in our sweats and headed up for a midnight snack. The boat is quiet at night. It was nice though, to feel like we might be the only people on the big boat! We watched a bunch of young people play in upper desk swimming area,will we munched on some hot dogs, pizza and French fries. We are eating so healthy on this trip...haha!!!Sleeping in until 10:30 was easy since our room is pitch dark with no windows. It is easy to lose track of time. We are just sailing today, and relaxing. Niel is excited to relax, relaxing isn't something I am sure I know how to do, but I am sure I will figure itout!!! We are enjoying ourselves!!! Niel hasn't gotten sick yet!!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

30 Random Things about Me!

I am a copy cat! I have learned a lot from reading those who took the challenge, so I thought I would make my attempts at this..... enjoy!

1~ I do not like lettuce. The texture doesn't feel right on my tongue - plus, it just tastes like water.

2~ I love to dress up. I am a girly girl and find it exciting to wear lovely dresses, high-heel shoes, pretty earings, make-up and have my hair all done up nice.

3~ I went a whole year without eating a candy bar when I was 17, as a bet. Since then, I don't find much satisfaction in eating them... only on occasion.

4~ I have never cooked Thanksgiving dinner. I don't know how to cook at turkey. I am a little apprehensive about having to do it my first time.

5~ I don't own a pair of flip-flops. I just threw away the only pair I ever owned and I used those ones to go fishing.

6~ My natural hair color is red.

7~ I used to laugh at my mom because she would listen to FM 100 (a calm music station). Now, I find myself listening to that same station on a regular basis!

8~ I like to play blackjack. I get too stressed when I play poker. And, I would like to learn how to play craps better.

9~ Karaoke is one of my favorite things to do, however I am not a good singer.... but I don't care if people like it or not. It is fun! Especially if my dad is around.

10~ I love my job! I work at a software company doing sales.

11~ I have the most amazing husband! I used to think that "soul mate" was just silly.... until he came into my life.

12~ I used to play the oboe and flute.

13~ I can snowboard and ski.

14~ I am preparing to run a 1/2 marathon... wish me luck!

15~ My sisters are my best friends. I have 2 of them!

16~ I thought being a mom was pretty easy until Zander came along! He is our greatest joy and greatest frustration.

17~ I am afraid of sharks. So afraid that even putting my toe in the oceans brings me anxiety.

18~ I can't stand to watch golf on TV!!! Really... it is the slowest, most un-entertaining things to watch someone hit a tiny little ball in a tiny little hole.

19~ I do think Tiger Woods is a very handsome man!!! :)

20~ Drinking two cans of soda pop seems to make me sick.

21~ I have 4 boys!!! They are my entire life! I get to go to football games, basketball games, baseball games, scouts. And every once and a while they will go shopping with me.

22~ I get chills when I see rats, mice, snakes, and gerbils. My boys don't like it that I won't let them have any of these creatures as a pet.

23~ I believe you are never too old to go trick- or -treating. I went this year and plan to go as long as I can walk.

24~ I like to write poetry. But I don't like people to read it.

25~ I have an awesome step daughter who will do girl things with me, not because she wants to, but because she knows I really like it.

26~ I was pretty shy as a kid. It wasn't until I was out in the singles world, after my divorce, I became a lot more outgoing.

27~ I have a very hard time admitting I am wrong.

28~ If I find the right pair of jeans.... no amount of money is too much!

29~ I used to teach piano lessons. I started when I was 16 and taught all the way until I was 23. I didn't play for many years after that and have lost a lot of my talent. However, we just got a new piano so practicing the piano is a new item I have on my "things to do list"

30~ I get to go on my very first cruise with my very sexy husband. We leave this Sunday!!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Happy Birthday Jayden

It is crazy to think today we would be celebrating Jayden's 9th birthday. My, how life has changed during these 9 years. I actually had a dream about her a few nights ago, which hasn't happened for a very long time. I dreamt I was holding her out in front of me bouncing her up and down and then throwing her in the air. She would hold her breath when I would toss her up, and then giggle when I caught her in my arms. She was still a baby... just like she was the last time I saw her. It was a good dream. Nice to see her again! I have missed her so much.

It is strange how time eases the hurt of her loss. Something I am grateful for, but sometimes I feel guilty that I can't remember her much anymore. She has been on my mind a lot lately. My dad is in the process of gathering information for a new book he is writing. The book will have many events of the day she died. In the process of gathering up this information, he has asked several people for information about her who were in our lives at that time. Many people have expressed their feelings of that week. I have found this quiet interesting and comforting. Many people were feeling a lot of the same feelings I was feeling. My family has been blessed by having such amazing people in our lives. Thank you all for being a great support through my life, and the life of my family!

Today, I want to celebrate her life, and the impact she made on me the short time I was able to be with her. Conner was only 15 months old when she was born. Jayden loved her big brother. Conner loved to blow on her tummy.... and she would kick her little legs and wiggle her arms with excitement when he would do that to her. She thought it was so funny. Jayden liked to be held with her back against your stomach so she could be facing outward. She loved to see what the world was like. I often wonder if she knew her time on earth would be short, so she wanted to take in as much as she could. She didn't have much hair, but the little she had was red, with a little puggy nose. She was so beautiful. I used to call her, my Jaydee baby. She had a cute little giggle. She blessed our lives in the short time she was with us. She taught me patience and to remember how short life can be. To cherish those little moments, for it is those little moments that mean the most.