Friday, December 28, 2007

Ice Skating!

Garrett did really well skating too... especially with his age. As long as someone would hold onto his had for balance, he wasn't afraid to skate quick and fast. He looked better than some of the adults on the ice. He is thinking he might want to sign up for Hockey.

"No Way! I am not getting on that ice!" Zander liked to wear his skates, but absolutely refused to get on the ice in them.

Grandma and Arianna came skating with us too. Grandma was so nice to hold our hands and help us keep our balance so we wouldn't fall down.

Conner was an excellent skater and had a great time! He fell down a few times, but hopped right back up!

Stocks is a very determined skater. He never gave up, even with all the falls!! I was very proud of him for sticking with it, and even more happy he had such a good time!

Yicks! Are are starting to fall down!! HELP us !!!!

Isn't this just the cutest picture of Brooke and Brynlee? It was so much fun having them there!


Rick...the meek and mild said...

You are creating great memories. Good job.

melanie said...

Looks like lots of fun!!