Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween - part 2

Halloween for me is almost like Christmas... almost.

Since I work at the software company I knew one day I would end up being something high tech. This year we each got to pick a computer virus to dress up as. I was so excited to find a virus that allowed for the girlie dressing up. I was the "Girl with Flowers LANDesk virus." You wouldn't know who I was unless you worked at LANDesk a few years ago. But I thought I was so clever...hehe!! Lynda was the famous "I Love you Virus." She was also the one one who came up with this brilliant costume idea... which by the way won us first place for creativity! Ike is the "Ping-Pong Virus" .... sweet hair! Gary is the "Lockjaw Virus" .... he had to keep his mouth closed all day! And little Tracy was the LANDesk Anti-Virus.... a great product I sell everyday.

So much fun!!

Our management dresses up every year too. I always look forward to their creative Halloween fun-ness. Check them out! I think next year I might be the incredible hulk. That has been my favorite costume so far this year.

... more Halloween to come!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Lonepeak - 1st/2nd Grade

Garrett's team had made some incredible progress this year. Their year started a little rough, but they learned and improved. Going into the play-off's they were rated 3rd. It has been so much fun to watch them this season.

Garrett had to play in 2 playoff games. The first game had to be rescheduled at half time because it was pouring rain and hail on the boys. As the half ended, Lonepeak was a head 14-0. They finished up the game in much better weather, with a score of 30 - 6! The game was fantastic!! Garrett scored 2 of the 4 touchdowns. He had one 2 point run in for extra points and also a completed pass for another one of their extra points. One more thing.... yes, there is still more.... he won MVP. He was thrilled!!

The second game was played in horribly cold, dark weather. This game was so intense because the winner would go onto the Superbowl! The boys all played hard.... the fans cheered extra loud.... and guess what?

Score 12 - 7
Garrett scored both touchdowns. He played like an animal on defense!!

Conner took all these pictures for me. He did an amazing job! Looks like we have a photographer in the family afterall! :)

Garrett puts every ounce of himself into the games. He can juke, spin, run hard, and tackle. He has such a sense for the game. He even got an interception!

Now it's off the the Championship game. GO KNIGHTS!

Lonepeak - 6th Grade

Conner's football team remains undefeated! The playoff's started well for them. At half time the score was 21-6.

Conner got the football several times and made some incredible runs.

Here he goes for touchdown. Check out all the fans in the background cheering him on.

I love the Conner chant!

When I showed Conner this picture he said,
"See Mom. My team blocks for me so well.... they make me look good!"

His team plays so well together! No wonder they are undefeated!

The final score was 33-13! Now it is onto the 6th grade Super Bowl! Can they go an entire season undefeated? Of course they can!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lonepeak - 4th Grade

Stockton's team come out onto the playoff field strong and proud (Stockton is 54)! They were confident they were going to win Lehi. All statistics would be in their favor.

Things got a little crazy when Lehi went down and scored the first touchdown, but Lonepeak was right behind with a touchdown and a 2 point play for the extra point. This put them in the lead.

Yeah! (Stockton cheering and helping his team)

Stockton put it all out there, playing the best he has played all season. But even Stockton's strong, offensive blocks weren't enough. The team couldn't hold on. Lehi drove down and scored a second touchdown. Unfortunately, we couldn't match it. Lehi won 14 - 8.

The biggest upset in the Oscarson household. We were all sure Stockton's team would have been in the 4th Grade Super Bowl.

But as Stockton would say, "There's always next year!"

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Grandma is the best!

My mom LOVES me!

Look what great Halloween treat she got me? Yep... she knows me well. Dr. Depper

It is like Christmas or something around here. Grandma got each of the kids bag full of Halloween treats. There were movies, candy, gum, several fake teeth, games, and toys. I told the boys now they don't need to go trick-or-treating.... they all ready have a wonderful, big bag of fun! Conner's bag was even specially made for him with no sugar temptations. Grandma thought of everything!

Thanks Grandma.... Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Halloween - part 1

Halloween is one of my most favorite holidays. We dress up a lot around here. So... here is our first dress up moment.... with several more to come.

It was the Church Halloween party. We pulled out some oldies but goody's.

So much fun!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


This football season has been simply I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E!!!!

This year, each of the boy's teams have made it to the play-offs! Guess what that means? MORE FOOTBALL! I couldn't be happier!! The best part is, each of the boys play at different times this Saturday which mean we can watch each of them play.

The games provide a lot of excitement. G-Man is Quarter Back and starting defense. This tough kid has played in nearly every single play of the season. It is amazing to watch him. He is so young but has a natural feel for the game.

Stockton is playing on both the offense and defensive line. He is so strong when he wants to be. And when he gets angry... there is no stopping him. Sweet little Stockton doesn't get angry often, but it can happen... and when it does.... watch out!

Conner is all over the place this year. His main position is Half Back, but he can do it all! His team is undefeated this year and they are a great group to watch. So many boys on his team have talent. Conner is also on starting defense. He is in for most of the game as well. He is fast and strong.... he just plows people over.

I love this picture of Garrett!! Many people have asked if they can come watch. The play-offs are the best games because all the teams playing are so good. Let me know if you are interested and I would be happy to send out details.

Go Knights!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Miami Aquarium

Saturday was the last day of our super fun family vacation. We all said our good-byes to the lovely ship and headed out to our Florida excursion. Our flight didn't leave until 5:00. Since we got off the ship at 8:30 that left an entire day of possibilities. To pass the time, we went to the Miami Aquarium!!

There were lots of fish to see!

They had dolphin shows. It even had the famous Flipper dolphin. It was a amazing to see this trained mammals.

Everyone enjoyed the show!

Zander is quit the character!!

This has got to be the funniest picture of the entire trip. Don.... trying to feed Zander his slushy. HA! Don was so nice to share with Zander on such a hot day. Doesn't it just make you want to open your mouth?

I was so close to this seal I could have reached my hand out and pet it. It is incredible what they can teach. I thought maybe I should send my kids to mammal training camp for a couple of weeks. See if they will come home with new talents and listening skills...haha!

There is one word to describe the day.... EXTREMELY HOT! Ok, that is two words, but it was really THAT hot! The air was so humid it was even hard to breath. Each of us were somewhat grumpy because of the monsterous temperatures.

We stopped at this place for lunch and spent a fortune on the food. I just had to take a picture so we could remember the moment. But at least the place was air conditioned and sold cold drinks.

The Killer Whale show was my favorite. The animal was big and beautiful ........

... and very strong. Grandma, Garrett, and Zander all got soaked by the whale splashing. They got drenched.

That is it... the end of our vacation!


Friday, October 16, 2009

Bahama's - Atlantis

Day 5 was my favorite day. We spent it in the Bahamas. And not just in the Bahamas, but at the Atlantis Resort.

The hotel room in the middle arch way is very famous. The cost is $25,000 per night with a minimum of a 4 night stay. I guess I could save every penny for 4 years and just about have enough money for my hotel room...haha! Who has that kind of money? They even said you have to make reservation 2 years in advance. Let's go!

The scenery was spectacular. Evey view reminded me something I would post on my desktop screen saver. It was beautiful!

There were aquariums, ponds, and streams. They all had beautiful creatures in them.

We spent the day at the incredible, amazing Atlantis Water Park Resort

This was our favorite shore stop on the cruise. It seriously is something every person should experience.

Yes... I rode slide into a pool of infested sharks! It was a creepy, scary type of fun!!
I actually was having so much fun, I didn't take many pictures. There were slides of every type. The older kids were on the big slides and the younger kids had a HUGE play area. The family favorite was a 1 mile lazy river that had rapids and wave effects. Even my mom got in the water to check that one out.

There was a 120 foot water slide that ended in an Atlantis underground cave. I wish I had taken a picture of it. It reminded me of the movies.

After a fun swimming day we all relaxed for our last night on the ship. Garrett tried to teach Zander how to play speed. Garrett was even letting Zander win a couple of times. "It builds his confidence." Laugh! Garrett was so serious about it. This was his chance to be the big brother. This is unusual for the two.... they are usually fighting and teasing each other. It was a precious moment for me to watch.

I had one of these for dinner every night. Chocolate Melting Cake! Let's not check to see how many calories are in that delicious morsel.

A cruise just isn't a cruise without a good wait staff. We had the best on the ship I think!!

Gman and I decided to walk the dock one last time. We got ice cream (again).....

... and then went on deck to watch a movie.

I had to add this picture of Elmo. Zander's little friend has seen a lot of the world. Elmo is Zander's travel buddy. Last year it was Hawaii and this year a cruise! What a lucky little furry friend.

After several fun filled days Zander was exhausted. Good thing the cruise was coming to an end... Zander was worn out from so much fun. Seriously.... he was completely gone.

The ship was quit an adventure!!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Half Moon Cove

Day 4 was spent on the Carnival's private island.... Half Moon Cove.

The ocean water was a clear blue.... like swimming pool water. The hot sun was beating down on us most of the day. The only way to stay cool was be in the water.

The place had fun pool toys like a kiddie waterslide....

.... and a swimming alligator!

The boys built sand castles to past the time.

They were all good team contributors. The sand creation had motes, bridges, tunnels, and damns. They were proud of their hard work.

The hot sun quickly turned into a down pour of rain. We left the island just in time to catch the storm on our small ship that took us back to the boat. We all got soaked.

Dinner was filled with plenty of appetizers. Conner realized he LOVES shrimp cocktail. He probably ate about 16 shrimp a night.... every night for 5 dinners.

More fun towel animals!!

Tonight was the big karaoke night. Rick and Bryn sang "You Lost that Loving Feeling."

They did an excellent job!

The kids finally got brave enough to get up and sing together. Mind you... their was a large audience. They sang "Eye of the Tiger." They really did a great job! Such talent!!

Even Niel got up and sang "You Shook Me All Night Long." It was ACDC in the house... with his little sidekick rockers jamm'in on the side. It was quit cute if you can ever consider any ACDC song "cute"??

It was a wild night!