Tuesday, October 6, 2009

We {Heart{ you Kallie - and miss you too!

The summer is over.... unfortunately.

I know I am a little late in posting this, but I just couldn't skip over it. This past summer has been amazing in so many ways. But on the top of my list would be Kallie Curtis! What an incredible woman and friend. She watched the boys all summer.... and what a great time it was! The boys enjoyed themselves so much. For me, I was just happy to go to work and know they were in good hands.

Kallie is fun! Beautiful! Dependable! Balanced! Perfect!!
She fits right in with 5 crazy kids!! :)

When I ask the kids about this summer.... their first response is Kallie and the second response is Water Parks. Gosh... the boys really had a tough summer, didn't they?

Zander's favorite pal was Kallie. He was actually sad on the weekends because his bestest friend wasn't around.

Kallie went the extra mile MANY times this summer. But my most favorite was the hearts that will forever hang on my bedroom door! It reminds me everyday of her, and how much I love my boys.

The great thing is.... Kallie is still stuck with us. She got a job at Niel's work!!! We just can't let her go!!

Thanks for a super summer Kallie!!! We {Heart} you!


Anonymous said...

Dang, that's tough! Some people are just irreplaceable! I have a question... I'm trying to collect boy clothes, if you have any that would just go to DI. I'd love to come take them off your hands!

Kallie Curtis said...

Amy, that was the sweetest thing I have ever read!!! I loved being your nanny, and I hope to be it again!! Maybe next summer, if I dont go on a mission, I could watch the boys again!! I love your family and it was great seeing you last weekend! I hope you had a wonderful time on your cruise!!!