Friday, August 26, 2011

DIPG Carnival

We went to a super, awesome carnival!

Not only was it super fun and awesome.... but it was for a great cause.

Little Rex passed away from DIPG last November. The carnival was a way to raise money for pediatric brain cancer. It was a great family time spent together!

Lots of August Birthdays!

August is big birthday time for us!

We enjoy getting the family together and celebrating the lives of these wonderful people....

Aunt Elaine, Grandma, Grandpa, and Conner enjoying each other's company at Costa Vida!

Doesn't Brittany look so cute? She is a friend of mine from work and is sweet enough to hang out with us crazy people once and a while.

Kam, Steve, and Ruthie came too! Family is fantastic and a true blessing in our lives!

Grandma and Grandpa J are ton of fun! We are a very lucky family to have all these wonderful people to share life with us.

Happy Birthday Niel, Conner, and Stocks!!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Stockton turns the big 11

My Stocky turned the 11 this year!

Holy Smokes!!

I love Stockton's love for life. I know I say this often, but his carefree attitude and gentle-ness far surpasses anyone I know. He is quick to forgive and looks for the best in people. And... the kid is smart. His score test came back this year, all subjects he was in high school level! If I only had his brain. Stocky is quick witted, silly, and a knows how to make a group laugh. Oh... and I love that he still wants me to tuck him into bed at night. I think he does the bed tuck in thing for me, but whatever reason, I still like that he needs me. :)

We woke him up in the morning with his favorite breakfast - French Toast! Delicious!!

Stocks decided to go with one big present this year. He gift of choice.... a nice new bicycle. He was all smiles!

Now... the race is one to see how long it takes before he is taller than me.

My guess is... he is going to creep up on me WAY too fast!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Back to School!

Summer just flew by.... WAY TO FAST!

It's back to school time all ready!

Here we go....


Thursday, August 18, 2011

It's FOOTBALL time!

Yes! My favorite time of year is here. FOOTBALL time!!

All the boys are playing this year again. This means we are SUPER busy!

I love being this kind of busy!

Zander is SUPER strong this year. Seriously. He may be small in height, but he is one tough kiddo. Don't get in his way. He will just plow you down.

Stocks is all over the place again this year. He plays on the offense and defensive line. He also plays middle line backer and running/full back. I have to really keep my eye on him because he is in a new position every time I look.

Gar is as fast as ever this year! He still has his same knack for the game. Here he is at practice... all focus and everything. He is playing running back/full back and Middle Line backer. He is also the punt kicker. I don't know how he does what he does.... but he is so good at it!

Conner's team is all together again this year. They look amazing! He is super fast and super strong!! This year... he is going by "Q"! Do you see that number 23? It's got just a Q on the back. That's what he wanted. He is playing running back and defensive line. He goes in as middle line backer once and a while too.

It's going to be an awesome season!!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Vegas with Amber

What happens in Vegas.... stays in Vegas!

Kidding! We are good girls!
I had a blast hanging out with my cousin Amber.
When we were kids we didn't really have any type of relationship. As life has progressed we have become really close friends. I am so grateful for her and the support and love she shows me always. She helps me keep my head on straight.

We shopped and did some site seeing. We went to an oldies song show. Amber even got up on stage and sang a little song with the group.

We got to visit with my cousin Jared, Amber's brother. I have seen Jared in forever! It was SO good to see him. He is such a handsome man!!

It was a quick, fun get-a-way! Definitely cannot wait for our next trip!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Mr. 14 Year Old!!

It can't be possible?? I have a 14 year old. NO WAY!

Conner is a great kid.... what am I saying, he is no kid anymore. Conner is a fine, young man! One great quality I have admired about Conner this past year is his desire to be better. A better friend. A better brother. A better student. A better athlete. A better son of God. Seriously... this young man has a desire to do his best. Don't get me wrong, he still loves to tease his brothers and he stills has to get his point across. But he works really hard and is aware of himself. It is a great quality.

Happy Birthday Q!

It's was Conner's birthday party year which meant he got to have a friend party.

This year Conner invited a bunch of friend to go bowling and play lazer tag!

Some of the guys who came to the party....

... and the girls who came to the party. Did I mention that Conner is interested in girls these days?!?!?!

We had a fabulous night bowling and tagging it up. I was very impressed by his friends! They are a good group of kids!