Thursday, August 25, 2011

Stockton turns the big 11

My Stocky turned the 11 this year!

Holy Smokes!!

I love Stockton's love for life. I know I say this often, but his carefree attitude and gentle-ness far surpasses anyone I know. He is quick to forgive and looks for the best in people. And... the kid is smart. His score test came back this year, all subjects he was in high school level! If I only had his brain. Stocky is quick witted, silly, and a knows how to make a group laugh. Oh... and I love that he still wants me to tuck him into bed at night. I think he does the bed tuck in thing for me, but whatever reason, I still like that he needs me. :)

We woke him up in the morning with his favorite breakfast - French Toast! Delicious!!

Stocks decided to go with one big present this year. He gift of choice.... a nice new bicycle. He was all smiles!

Now... the race is one to see how long it takes before he is taller than me.

My guess is... he is going to creep up on me WAY too fast!

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