Friday, August 12, 2011

Mr. 14 Year Old!!

It can't be possible?? I have a 14 year old. NO WAY!

Conner is a great kid.... what am I saying, he is no kid anymore. Conner is a fine, young man! One great quality I have admired about Conner this past year is his desire to be better. A better friend. A better brother. A better student. A better athlete. A better son of God. Seriously... this young man has a desire to do his best. Don't get me wrong, he still loves to tease his brothers and he stills has to get his point across. But he works really hard and is aware of himself. It is a great quality.

Happy Birthday Q!

It's was Conner's birthday party year which meant he got to have a friend party.

This year Conner invited a bunch of friend to go bowling and play lazer tag!

Some of the guys who came to the party....

... and the girls who came to the party. Did I mention that Conner is interested in girls these days?!?!?!

We had a fabulous night bowling and tagging it up. I was very impressed by his friends! They are a good group of kids!

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