Thursday, May 31, 2012

Schools Out... and more!

Last day of School!  I told the boys to pose how they felt.  Conner is cheesy.  Garret is over joyed.  Zander is crazy.  Stockton said he was holding in his excitement!

Niel and Stocky went on an overnight scout camp together!

This is Garrett's final report this year.  He did his county report on Cache!  He got 100%!  Go Garrett!

Zander and his friend Jonah were part of the little kids wedding that happened in the neighborhood.  It was super cute.... Zander was SO excited!  He was the one who got to say, "You may now kiss the bride!"

We figured it was time for another car.  Welcome to the newest vehicle in the family!  We get twice the gas milage as our other two cars so we are pretty excited!

Garrett had a poetry day at school.  Let me tell you... this kid is pretty talented.  He wrote some great poems!

Stocks is loving scouts.  Check out this awesome raft he made himself.  Best part was... it actually floats!

Here are Conner's final pottery creations.  I will have to say... he is pretty talented.  He made the mug for Zander!  

School is out and we are ready for summer!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Stay-Cation day 4

Another great eating place.  This is Garrett's favorite place of all times.  Los 2 Lagos in Heber City.  Check out that look on his face!

We headed up to Salt Lake City for a fun trip around temple square!

We walked all around.  It was a beautiful day!

We took a tour of the Conference Center.  It was a very cool tour to take.  The kids even seemed to really enjoy it!

Standing on the roof!

This is inside on the top floor.  There are statues for each prophet.  So much history that is very interesting!

We were lucky enough to have all the lights on in the Conference Center.  It was amazing to see all the empty seats.  It's a HUGE place to be!

The boys thought it would be real fun to run through the water fall area!

There is so much to look at in downtown SLC!

Niel works downtown, so he picked out this delicious hamburger shop for us to try.  It was a hit!

Boys will do anything to keep entertained.  Check out the one eyed ninja and his little brother!  haha!!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Stay-Cation day 3

We headed up to the cabin to spend the next day on our fabulous vacation

We went to bed and when we woke up..... we saw SNOW!  No way!  In the end of May?

Eating is like one of our most favorite things to do at the cabin!

Riding the 4 wheelers is another.  It's hard to drive the 4 wheelers when there is snow on the ground.  Conner and Stocks bundled up really well!  Aren't they so fashionable?

We had our annual Speed Race contest once The Lunds joined us.  Niel was this year.  Winner 2 years in a row!  Conner came in a close second place.  Even G-man stayed in the competition for quit a while this year.

Grandma J always makes yummy desserts at the cabin.  We tried really hard to make the cabin just as if Grandma was there.... but it just wasn't the same.  These pies are store bought.  :)

The snow did melt and we were able to take a few rides.  It was pretty muddy.... but still so much fun!

More food!  Good morning!

We relaxed all day and had a great time!

Here is almost all the cousins.  Just missed Scott.  Hope you enjoyed your Senior cruise Scott... you were missed!

.... Grandma and Grandpa were also very missed!  Love you!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Stay-Vaction day 2


Warning... LOTS of pictures!

We are officially all grown up to go on the big rides in our family!  This was Zander's first time on Wicked!  He even went on it two times that day!

It rained most of the day we were at the park.  It was great though because that meant we had the park pretty much to ourselves!

We rode the Tidal Wave 3 times in a row!

I don't have a picture of this, but Niel threw up on the Rock-O-Plane.  They had to shut the ride down for over an hour to clean it up.

We took a little break from the park to eat lunch at In-N-Out!

Here we go again!  The park got a little more full toward the end of the day!

We had a blast!!