Thursday, May 31, 2012

Schools Out... and more!

Last day of School!  I told the boys to pose how they felt.  Conner is cheesy.  Garret is over joyed.  Zander is crazy.  Stockton said he was holding in his excitement!

Niel and Stocky went on an overnight scout camp together!

This is Garrett's final report this year.  He did his county report on Cache!  He got 100%!  Go Garrett!

Zander and his friend Jonah were part of the little kids wedding that happened in the neighborhood.  It was super cute.... Zander was SO excited!  He was the one who got to say, "You may now kiss the bride!"

We figured it was time for another car.  Welcome to the newest vehicle in the family!  We get twice the gas milage as our other two cars so we are pretty excited!

Garrett had a poetry day at school.  Let me tell you... this kid is pretty talented.  He wrote some great poems!

Stocks is loving scouts.  Check out this awesome raft he made himself.  Best part was... it actually floats!

Here are Conner's final pottery creations.  I will have to say... he is pretty talented.  He made the mug for Zander!  

School is out and we are ready for summer!

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Jen and Allen said...

yeah for summer I love the expressions you have some cute kids.