Sunday, May 13, 2012

Our Mother's Day!


Zander smashed him finger today in Primary class.  He was leaning back on the chair and it folded up.... with his finger inside.

We put a bandaid on his finger and the blood soaked through.  So we put another bandaid on it.  Again, that one soaked through.  Three hours later, and three bandaid's later we were finally able to let the wound heal.  Poor guy!

Grandma and Grandpa came over!  It's always hard to find something fun that Grandma wants.  So this year we got her a bunch of stuff to make cupcakes.  

I am one lucky Mom!  Looks at these handsome children I have!  I love celebrating the chance I get to be Mom to these 4 little people.  They all really made my day!  

We had Brooke and her family over as well.  We all ate some delicious dinner that Niel made.  He is just a fabulous cook!  We did all the clean up before and after as well.... oh, and he got me Norah Jones concert tickets.... I know, I am lucky!

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