Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Streak is Over!

I have prided myself on having 4, very active, very sporty boys who have NEVER had a broken bone or even stitches.  

Guess what?  The streak has ended.....

Conner broke his pinky finger!

Yeah... it's all over and all for a little, teeny-tiny pinky finger!  I guess we will take it!

He caught the football a little strange and fractured the bone.

I honestly didn't think it was broken and made him ride his bike to his friends and even sent him to school the next day.  It was swollen some, but Conner wasn't complaining about it being painful.  The school told him to get it checked out, so we did.

The doctor said he should be all set and ready to start playing football in a couple of weeks.  He just has to wear a little splint.  He was all smiles!

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