Friday, May 11, 2012

Moms and Muffins

Zander invited me to Mom's and Muffin's at school!  It was awesome!

All the 2nd graders put on a little performance... CUTE!  

After the sweet songs we went into the class room and played some games and ate some muffin's.  YUM!

Zander made me several gifts.  Check out the cute flower made with paper.

This is Zander's awesome teacher, Mrs. Lowry.  She is just tons of fun!

Zander had a speaking part in the program.  He was the very first speaker and I am so sad because I was 2 minutes late.  I MISSED IT!

One moment in my life I will never get back.  I am disappointed to say the least.  He was so kind to do it for just me after the program was over.

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