Thursday, October 15, 2009

Half Moon Cove

Day 4 was spent on the Carnival's private island.... Half Moon Cove.

The ocean water was a clear blue.... like swimming pool water. The hot sun was beating down on us most of the day. The only way to stay cool was be in the water.

The place had fun pool toys like a kiddie waterslide....

.... and a swimming alligator!

The boys built sand castles to past the time.

They were all good team contributors. The sand creation had motes, bridges, tunnels, and damns. They were proud of their hard work.

The hot sun quickly turned into a down pour of rain. We left the island just in time to catch the storm on our small ship that took us back to the boat. We all got soaked.

Dinner was filled with plenty of appetizers. Conner realized he LOVES shrimp cocktail. He probably ate about 16 shrimp a night.... every night for 5 dinners.

More fun towel animals!!

Tonight was the big karaoke night. Rick and Bryn sang "You Lost that Loving Feeling."

They did an excellent job!

The kids finally got brave enough to get up and sing together. Mind you... their was a large audience. They sang "Eye of the Tiger." They really did a great job! Such talent!!

Even Niel got up and sang "You Shook Me All Night Long." It was ACDC in the house... with his little sidekick rockers jamm'in on the side. It was quit cute if you can ever consider any ACDC song "cute"??

It was a wild night!


Grams said...

Keep it coming....we love the pictures and story!

melanie said...

Fun! Fun! Fun!! Our next vacation will be a cruise.