Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lonepeak - 4th Grade

Stockton's team come out onto the playoff field strong and proud (Stockton is 54)! They were confident they were going to win Lehi. All statistics would be in their favor.

Things got a little crazy when Lehi went down and scored the first touchdown, but Lonepeak was right behind with a touchdown and a 2 point play for the extra point. This put them in the lead.

Yeah! (Stockton cheering and helping his team)

Stockton put it all out there, playing the best he has played all season. But even Stockton's strong, offensive blocks weren't enough. The team couldn't hold on. Lehi drove down and scored a second touchdown. Unfortunately, we couldn't match it. Lehi won 14 - 8.

The biggest upset in the Oscarson household. We were all sure Stockton's team would have been in the 4th Grade Super Bowl.

But as Stockton would say, "There's always next year!"


Lori Buhr said...

What a great attitude! With an outlook like that he is a WINNNNNER! It is hard to watch them loose, but I love a good game.

Silver Back said...

Stockton Rules! He made so much progress this year. He worked hard every practice and every play. I am so proud of how much effort he put into football this year.

Rick...the meek and mild said...

It was so good to see his concentration level rise this year and his desire to compete.