Monday, October 12, 2009

Welcome to Miami

We boarded our ship Monday afternoon. The kids were SO excited!!!

"It's like a hotel on water"

Everyone went on deck to say "good - bye USA" ....

..."hello beautiful ocean!"

Even the Megan and Conner were excited!

Once we were on our way, we got all settled in. Me, Niel and Zander took one room together....

.... while Stockton, Garrett, Conner and Megan took the other.

Going swimming was the favorite pass time. There was a big water slide and plenty of pools to hang out in.

Day 1 was cruising in the ocean. We got to do a lot of hanging out on the boat and exploring!

... and a lot of relaxing. It was nice and warm with just a slight breeze in the air. PERFECT!

Stocks and Garrett had so much fun swimming, they didn't even want to stop for dinner.

Besides, who needs dinner when you can have as much ice cream as you want?

This is Stocktons 16th ice cream cone for the day.... yep, that's right. 16!!!

This was only Garrett's 6th ice cream cone for the day. 6 is still a lot, but not even close to 16!

The evening was spent doing one of our favorite's. Singing Karaoke with Grandpa. No one was brave enough to get up and sing that night.... not yet anyway. Grandpa entertained us all with "50 Ways to Leave Your Love" .... a karaoke favorite of ours. He sounded like Paul Simon himself.

We all entertained ourselves. Zander especially had fun playing with Brooke's hair. Brooke was so proud that we might have another beautician in the family.

We stayed up late into the night. Stockton must have been tired from eating so much ice cream and swimming.

And all that hair designing must have tuckered Zander out.... haha!

What a great first day of vacation!!! And it gets even better!!!!

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Rick...the meek and mild said...

It was a wonderful time!! Most of the fun though was being with loved ones and watching their different reactions to the new, short adventure in our lives....Good times.
As I am getting ready to hit the publish button I hear "Eye of the Tiger" getting started...that was the karaoke song all the grandkids sang after they got their courage up.