Thursday, November 15, 2007

30 Random Things about Me!

I am a copy cat! I have learned a lot from reading those who took the challenge, so I thought I would make my attempts at this..... enjoy!

1~ I do not like lettuce. The texture doesn't feel right on my tongue - plus, it just tastes like water.

2~ I love to dress up. I am a girly girl and find it exciting to wear lovely dresses, high-heel shoes, pretty earings, make-up and have my hair all done up nice.

3~ I went a whole year without eating a candy bar when I was 17, as a bet. Since then, I don't find much satisfaction in eating them... only on occasion.

4~ I have never cooked Thanksgiving dinner. I don't know how to cook at turkey. I am a little apprehensive about having to do it my first time.

5~ I don't own a pair of flip-flops. I just threw away the only pair I ever owned and I used those ones to go fishing.

6~ My natural hair color is red.

7~ I used to laugh at my mom because she would listen to FM 100 (a calm music station). Now, I find myself listening to that same station on a regular basis!

8~ I like to play blackjack. I get too stressed when I play poker. And, I would like to learn how to play craps better.

9~ Karaoke is one of my favorite things to do, however I am not a good singer.... but I don't care if people like it or not. It is fun! Especially if my dad is around.

10~ I love my job! I work at a software company doing sales.

11~ I have the most amazing husband! I used to think that "soul mate" was just silly.... until he came into my life.

12~ I used to play the oboe and flute.

13~ I can snowboard and ski.

14~ I am preparing to run a 1/2 marathon... wish me luck!

15~ My sisters are my best friends. I have 2 of them!

16~ I thought being a mom was pretty easy until Zander came along! He is our greatest joy and greatest frustration.

17~ I am afraid of sharks. So afraid that even putting my toe in the oceans brings me anxiety.

18~ I can't stand to watch golf on TV!!! Really... it is the slowest, most un-entertaining things to watch someone hit a tiny little ball in a tiny little hole.

19~ I do think Tiger Woods is a very handsome man!!! :)

20~ Drinking two cans of soda pop seems to make me sick.

21~ I have 4 boys!!! They are my entire life! I get to go to football games, basketball games, baseball games, scouts. And every once and a while they will go shopping with me.

22~ I get chills when I see rats, mice, snakes, and gerbils. My boys don't like it that I won't let them have any of these creatures as a pet.

23~ I believe you are never too old to go trick- or -treating. I went this year and plan to go as long as I can walk.

24~ I like to write poetry. But I don't like people to read it.

25~ I have an awesome step daughter who will do girl things with me, not because she wants to, but because she knows I really like it.

26~ I was pretty shy as a kid. It wasn't until I was out in the singles world, after my divorce, I became a lot more outgoing.

27~ I have a very hard time admitting I am wrong.

28~ If I find the right pair of jeans.... no amount of money is too much!

29~ I used to teach piano lessons. I started when I was 16 and taught all the way until I was 23. I didn't play for many years after that and have lost a lot of my talent. However, we just got a new piano so practicing the piano is a new item I have on my "things to do list"

30~ I get to go on my very first cruise with my very sexy husband. We leave this Sunday!!


Katie said...

I am jealous about the cruise. And I am also deathly afraid of sharks. And I mean it! :0)

Emily said...

I love getting to know my family. Thanks for sharing!

melanie said...

YA! You get to go on the cruise... I love learning things about you. There was actually quite a few things I did not know.

Steve and Megan said...

Have so much fun on the cruise! Make sure you pack your passport! :)

Lori Buhr said...

Cruising is the best! Have an awesome time and I hope that there isn't anything to fowl things up this time. Cooking a turkey is a piece of cake. You can do it!