Sunday, November 25, 2007

More Cruising


We were sound asleep, resting up for our big Haiti trip, which included zip lining down the country side, when the captain awoke us with an announcement. The weather was too bad to port…what? I was half awake when he gave the sad news. The weather had been horrible, the boat rocking all night and such. I just couldn't believe we weren't going to port. A day at the beach, in the hot sun was just too much fun to miss out on, not to mention the zip line excursion.That was the one excursion I had begged Niel to sign us up for. I was super disappointed! However, sleeping in again did sound good, so we went back to bed.Another day on the boat wasn't sounding too appealing, but there wasn't really anything we could do about it. The wind was blowing pretty hard, but it was possible to be on deck. When mid-afternoon rolled around, there was an announcement that someone was very ill and they were flying in the coast guard helicopter for some aid and to get the sick passenger off. Everyone was excited about this! Everyone lined the decks to see the big show. Yes, even I was on the deck watching it all…. After all, there wasn't really much else to do. We were later told that one of the kitchen staff members had a mild heart attach. He was only 32 years old! I guess they work their people pretty hard..ha! It sounds like the man is doing well and was able to get the medical attention he needed. I headed up on deck to watch the kids splash in the pool, do a little people watching, and read my book. Niel spent the afternoon playing poker, and searching for me.We did find each other just in time to get dressed for dinner. Our dinner friends are so extremely nice. It really is fun to listen to each other's stories and share our own. It makes me miss home….Especially the kids. They are so nice to just listen us.The evening was much like our others evenings. A show, karaoke, and walking the upper deck under the stars. Tonight, we played a fun game. We had to team up in groups and do wild and crazy things. Niel was wild crazy…. He took off his pants, touched ladies bra's….I even got some pictures! I was of the wholesome group…I did the splits forpoints..haha! It was a great evening!

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