Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Cruising part two

Tuesday - Posted by Niel

We had our exciting day at sea today. Sleeping in was a peace of cake,as Amy mentioned, not only was the room dark but with the time zone change it didn't even feel like we had slept too long. Neither of us were very hungry after all the eating the day before, so we decided to go for a morning run. There is a ¼ mile track around the top deck of the boat. Our run turned into an adventure, the boat was heading into a very strong head wind, so combined with the movement of the boat the wind was really whipping. We would turn the corner and head into the wind and feel like we were barely moving, then gusts would come up and we'd feel like we were going to get tossed into the railing. But then we would turn and go the other way and we'd just get blown down the track. Combined with dodging the people walking around it was an exciting run. We then went into the gym for a little while. By that time we were both so hot we decided we would get in the pool and cool off. It felt great to cool down and we had BBQ by the pool and watched people (an endless source of entertainment on a cruise).The afternoon was just a calm relaxing day. I took a bit of a nap and Amy got ice cream and learned more about how to work her camera. As the afternoon wore on the seas got rougher and boat started moving around a lot.. I have a tendency to get sea sick, but it didn't get me too much…Amy had a little bit of an upset stomach, but we seemed to get through it ok. Our table mate at dinner from Germany wasn't so lucky, he said he had not been feeling good all day and didn't have much of an appetite. We had a great conversation with them during dinner though, and they invited us to come to Germany and stay at their place and explore the German countryside. We'll have to see if that trip happens, but it sounds fun.It was formal night so we got all decked out and had a great time walking around in our fancy clothes. We got our picture taken several times, enjoyed dinner (I had two deserts because I couldn't decide).We went to a Broadway revue show and had to sit in different spots because it was so full. I wasn't sure I wanted to let Amy sit next to anyone else looking as fantastic as she did. The show wasn't bad,after that we enjoyed some more karaoke (many of the same singers) and romantic dancing at the Viking lounge. The dancing was the highlight of the day, we enjoyed the chance to dance close and smile about our fun vacation. We then went to bed a little earlier than we would have to prepare for our exciting day in Haiti.

Post from Amy
Niel also won a good amount playing poker today. Enough to get him into the poker tournament, and enough for me to shop with!!! I got to spend the afternoon climb the rock wall!!! Super fun times!!

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melanie said...

Sounds like you are having a great time. I think cruising is the way to go. That is my next vacation