Sunday, November 25, 2007

Grand Cayman


Today was Grand Cayman day. We had to take a boat ride to the pier to get on the island. The ocean was just to shallow to dock. We had a day planned of jet skiing! Our guide was a British man with a strong accent. He was very laid back….and still hung over from the Thanksgiving festivities the night before. He was entertaining and funny. The jet skiing venture wasn't quite what we expected, but it was really fun. The jet ski's were ones you laid down on, with your stomach against the seat and your backside up to the sun. The reason for this was because you could see through a clear glass at the bottom of the ski, so you could see what was in the ocean. This was a perfect way for me to see the bottom. It meant that I didn't have to physically get in the ocean, plus I got to be next to my strong husband who could protect me from the ocean animals I fear so much.It was a very nice, warm day. We got to feed the fish bread and watch them jump all over the place. We even saw a sea turtle….it was far down on the bottom, but very cool to see. Niel jumped in the water to cool down. It was very clear ocean and extremely beautiful.We headed towards town to see what the Grand Cayman's had to offer us. The American dollar was lower then Cayman Island dollar, so everything was very expensive for us. We went to the Del Sol shop and got a color changing Frisbee and then headed to Margarita Ville for some good old American food. Our hamburgers were delicious, and the music was great. The cruise ship has been playing a lot of latin or big band music, but nothing too modern, so it was nice to hear some stuff we liked. They also had a water slide at the restaurant. Niel went down the slide and we just sat around, watched the kids play and keep tabs on the sports games that were on TV….almost like being at home. I just missed the kids and knew they would have had a great time if they were there with us. We walked the streets for a while.They have a lot of Banks in the Caymans. It seemed more of a rich town, every different from Jamaica.We got back on the ship and ready for dinner. It was another dress up night. Niel looked dashing in his suite! It is fun to get all dressed up for a night. We talked with our German friends at dinner about the economy. Niel was in heaven speaking with Jorgen. He is an economist in Germany. Niel loves that kind of stuff. We went to an extremely entertaining show. It was a comedian cowboy. He was pretty funny. Then they had the love and marriage show. That was pretty funny too. It was time for the chocolate night. It was very fancy.More chocolate then I had ever seen. They even had a gigantic dragon,carved out of chocolate. I was in heaven…more sweets then my stomach could hold ( I never thought I would hear myself say that). We had a nice time though. It was a good day!!

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