Friday, December 24, 2010

Slushball Fight!

We received very little snow this year for Christmas. We did get some, but it also came with a bunch of rain. The snow turned into slush.

As you can imagine with 4 little boys and one big man - snowballs are usually flying all over the place. We all decided to have a little fun outside together with a good slush ball fight. We chased each other around and around, getting hit and dodging slush balls from each other. It was WAY too much fun!

Looks like Niel got the worst of it. This picture is my favorite. Gman is gearing up to knock Niel in the back.

Stocks is taking his shot at Niel too as Niel is trying to get ready with a good comeback.

Looks at Zander's toothless grin. He lost a tooth over the holidays! I think it is because he at too much candy!

We had a ton of fun!! Then it was back inside the house for some hot chocolate.

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