Saturday, December 11, 2010

Vegas Baby!

One thing Niel loves to do that I have enjoyed doing with him is going to the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas!

We hadn't been for a couple years, so it was fun to go this year.

Niel surprised me with an early Christmas gift. He wouldn't tell me what is was but that I would get it on our trip. What a surprise when I found out it was skydiving. YEAH.... I went skydiving and Niel came with me too. It was an awesome, crazy experience. It was also an awesome, incredible gift!

Here are just some of the fun things we did in Vegas on this trip!
We also went and saw Jersey Boys but I didn't get a picture. It was a great show! One of my favorite shows I have seen in Vegas!

And look who we ran into...... don't tell Tim this, but he is shorter than I thought he would be.


Angela said...

Is that one of those wax exhibits?

Nic & Trudi said...

Amy you are so cute!!! It looks like you've been busy but having lots of fun.