Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Hike

A tradition on Niel's side of the family is going for a Christmas Hike.

The hike was a little muddy this year which is different than the usual snow. We all still had such an adventure.

The boys wondered off the trail and up to explore. They found a big heard of deer and followed them as far as they possibly could. They ended up having a large deer party running from them. Check out how close they got!

The clouds were down below us. More in the city and we were above them. We couldn't see much below but saw blue skies all around.

The hike ended up being difficult for Zander. Towards the end his little legs were getting tired. Grandma J walked with him and tried to get his mind off of his hurting legs. I think he was pleased with himself and his efforts when it was all done.

Zander said it looked like we were in heaven. It was a beautiful view.

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