Sunday, December 26, 2010

Family Dinner

Family dinners are an all time favorite for all of us. Especially when everyone comes! Ang, Pat and the girls were here from California. Aunt Elaine, Russ, Kam, Steve, and Ruthie all joined us as well.

Niel cooked up a variety of different types of meats for everyone's liking. Everyone brought some of their favorites to share with everyone. Talk about a perfect meal!

Aunt Lisa always gives the best gifts. This year she got us a chocolate fountain. We put it to good use for the party.

My favorite were the cherries dipped in white chocolate. YUMMY!

The little boys talked all the big guys into have a nerf gun war. Not sure who won but I think the kids won but only because they gave the adults the guns that jammed up....haha! At least that was the grown-ups excuse.

Fun family times!

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