Thursday, December 23, 2010

Candy Houses

When I ask the kids what their favorite Christmas tradition is.....

....making candy houses is their number 1 favorite.

I love to see what great creation they are going to come up with.

Stocks has the windmill thing going on. Look at the cute little animals he made with marshmellows. Love it!

Gman has a couple of "naughty bears" on his. One is on the roof messing around and another playing in the big piles of snow (the large marshmellows). Fun!

Zander is proud of the chocolate teddy bear parade going on in his house. He has a bunch doing the cat-walk. Very creative!

Conner's theme is "The First Settlement." He has little firepits wrapped in a circle of warmness. Great idea!

Me and Niel are pretty simple folk. Just a straight up candy house with candy. Niel did make a little stream in front with a nice little walk way. At least one of us is creative!

Another fun candy making memories to add to the books!

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