Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Happiest Place on Earth

Disneyland is a magical place!

I couldn't help but snap this picture.

"The Lost Children"

Those were the only frowns we had the entire trip!!

What's vacation without some good food to eat?
We had several Disneyland experts tell us we needed to try the corn dog stand on Main Street. They weren't kidding.... these were the best corn dogs ever! YUM!

Garrett was my driver for the cars adventure. He actually is a pretty great driver. We only crashed once and it was pretty minor.

I remember as a kid going on the tea cups ride. It was a favorite of mine. The kids seemed to enjoy it also. We spent move of our time on the bigger rides, but we did sneak in some of the older Disneyland specials too.

As I was saying.... onto the bigger rides!

Splash Mountain was a favorite of ours.

We also really liked Star Wars. The first time we rode it, Zander was the spy. The second time we rode it, Garrett was the spy. Who knew our little kiddo's were spy rebels.

It was a great first day at Disneyland! The crowds were pretty light and the weather was perfect!

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