Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!!

Another great year in the books!!

Garrett was GMAN for halloween. I have always told him he has super hero powers. He sure looks like a super hero to me.

Grandma Dean made his awesome costume this year. Gar got to design it himself and Grandma put just the right touches on it.

He looked incredible!

Zander made a perfect Joker. Look at that mean face.

Stocks knows just how to be Michael Jackson. He has the moves and everything!

Conner was a Knight. This is a super awesome costume because we are Lonepeak Knights.... everyone loved it!

Here were are..... the "Where's Waldo" group. Check out my awesome manager. Doesn't he just make a perfect Waldo?

All the kids are old enough now to go Trick - or - treating with friends. Niel and I were spent the holiday handing out candy and watching a scary movie. It was a great Halloween!

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