Friday, November 4, 2011

A Little Update

School keeps us plenty busy. Here is what we have been up to...

Conner did his science project nearly all by himself this year. He made a motor and tested magnetic pull. He did a great job!! He received 98% on his project.
Way to go Conner!

Stocky worked long and hard on a model based from a book. Stocks did fabulous and received 100% on the project!
Yeah Stockton!

Gar had to make an Anasazi Indian replica out of natural resources. He used clay, grass, sticks, and rocks to put together his creation. He receive 100% on the project.
Awesome work Gar!

Zander hasn't had any real big project yet this year (thank goodness). Instead, he has been keeping Niel company at BYU basketball games. Don't they look so great in their BYU get-up? Zander's favorite player is Noah Hartsock.

I wish I were doing something a little more fun. Check out this awesome picture. Ok, so don't look at the terrible hair do... my eye is the problem. I ended up with a terrible eye infection that required a trip to the InstaCare. NOT FUN!
I have had better looking days.

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