Saturday, May 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Megan

Dear Megan,

I remember the very first time I met you. I brought Conner, Stockton and Garrett to eat with you and your dad at Carl's Jr. I remember climbing through the kids playground area and chasing you all around!! I also remember thinking what a beautiful girl you were and how much I hoped to get to know you better. You were only 7 years old then. Now you are growing up so fast and you are as beautiful as ever!! The best part is, I get to continue watching you grow up and being a part of it!

I loved it when I pick up Zander on Wednesdays and he is so anxious to see you. He gets all upset because I am not driving fast enough. It is nice to not be the only girl in the house. You are so very talented. This year was extremely fun to see you perform in the Children's Choir in Joseph and the Amazing Colored Dreamcoat. You were sensational! I am looking forward to many more plays in the future.

You are coming along on your piano playing talents! I love to hear your songs each week and watch you progress. Piano has always been something I loved through my childhood.... I hope you will as well. You have a good ear for music, both on the piano and also in your voice. Singing karaoke at Grandpa's house is one of my favorite things to do together with you!

You bring a little sugar and spice and everything nice to our home! Your smile is contagious. You are incredibly helpful and the love you give each member in the family makes us each feel special. You are great to just jump in and play tough with the boys. They love it! There isn't anything I enjoy more then watching you all play together.

I love you Megan. I love your smile! Happy Birthday!!!!




Lori Buhr said...

Oh, Megz, you're wonderful. I hope you had a wonderful birthday. You're the best.

Silver Back said...


You are such a wonderful daughter, we love having you in our home. It's amazing how you hold your own with 4 boys and they all love you for it.

Thanks for sharing your many talents and you wonderful smile. It has been 11 amazing years having you in my life.

I love you.

grams said...

Amy, I love the birthday videos. They always bring a tear of happiness (?), pride (?), gratitude (?) to my eye...whatever the reason for the tear, they also make me smile!

Megan, you light up my life. I love the time we spend together. Our trip to Washington will always be a happy memory.

I love you lots and look forward to many more happy times.

Love, Grams

Rick...the meek and mild said...

Hey, I love you so much because you love the same things I do. Writing, performing, your smile is just thing you do soooo much better than me though is dance. I'll practice so I'll be a better dance partner next time.