Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day weekend!

This Mother's Day was a super busy one for us here at the Oscarson home. Anyone who knows me, I like things busy. So it was perfect!

We started Saturday morning with a bunch of giggling, hippie looking pre-teen girls. Megan celebrated her 11th birthday 70's style. It was fun to meet her friends and watch her interact. "Girls sure do talk a lot" ... was Conner's comment.

Right after the party we jumped in the car and headed up past Nephi for some 4-wheeling fun! We got there a little later then everyone, so we missed hanging out with my mom, Rick, Brynlee and Jolene. But Elaine, Russ, Kam , and Steve stayed a little longer with us. We had the time of our lives! Seriously, I have never ridden 4-wheelers like that before. I want to go again!

Sunday evening we had the two most wonderful mother's over for dinner. These two women leave me in awe! They are incredible!!! I love Mother's Day because it is a day I can honor my Mom and Joyce. It was so great to have them over! Niel smoked some yummy ribs and BBQed some delicious chicken. YUM!

What a better way to end the day! Conner and I love to play Rockband together. All the boys like playing, but Conner will let me play drums! Plus, he tries his best to be patient with me.

It was a perfect day! Conner made me breakfast. Niel even went out of his way and bought me a necklace. I am a super picky jewelry person. So far, he has made two attempts with jewelry. One was my perfect wedding ring, which is beautiful. Now I have a pretty necklace that I love too! Happy Mother's Day to all you wonderful mothers!

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Jen and Allen said...

ha I didnt know you were glasses. Glad you had a good mothers day.