Sunday, January 24, 2010


It isn't often Megan and I get to spend some time doing girlie things. She is always a good sport to attend football, basketball, Lacrosse, Baseball, and more importantly put up with all the boy things that go on.

We went shopping together! She helped me pick out a few things. Because I have all boys and only purchase boy attire.... sometimes I need help knowing how to dress like a girl. I just want to make sure I am still in style. She did just that. I have a few new outfits to add to my wardrobe. It was a fun day spent at the Mall!!

Megan is growing up to be quit a beautiful young woman. I count my blessings she is part of my life!


Grams said...

Love her hat!!!! I bet YOU picked that out! You won't believe this, but it looks very Russian. People wear all sorts of classy hats over here.

Angela said...

megan is beautiful! keep a close eye on her!!