Sunday, March 30, 2008

Our first 5K in 2008

There are moments in a mother's life when she is so proud of her children. I had one of those moments with Conner. Since I met Niel, we have been running here and there. It is a great way to stay in shape! This year, Conner decided he wanted to give it a try. We all registered for the Utah Valley University 5K. Conner, Niel and I have been kind of training to get ready, but mostly this was a challenge to encourage us to get going so we could be in shape to run at least one a month this coming summer. For Conner, this was his first 5K ever. I was overjoyed he wanted to do with us. Conner was very nervous but very determined. He wanted to finish under 30 minutes, which would be an excellent time for someone running their first one.
The gun went off and off our feet carried us. Niel is a fast runner so he got a head of us pretty quickly. We hadn't even gotten into the race a mile and I was out of breath. Conner wanted to keep going though. So, I slowed down and he kept chugging along. Niel crossed the finish line coming in about 25 minutes. Conner crossed the finish line at about 29 minutes.... kicking my butt as I crossed at 33 minutes. I guess I am not as good as I once was...laugh!
I was so proud of him for setting his mind to something and completing it. He is a very determined young man. He was very tired and sore when the race was over. But I am very impressed with his strong will and hard work. Good job Conner! Way to go!!!!


SJ said...

way to go Connor!
We missed you at the Easter hunt. Hope to see you soon!

Sara said...

Running is such a good habit to get into! Good job and stick with it!

Lori Buhr said...

Wow! Great example to all of us. GO CONNER!