Friday, July 11, 2008

Leaving on a Jet Plane

We picked up the boys with just enough time to drive all the way home from Montana, get a little rest, and head to the airport. It was so good to see the boys!!
They were excited to get going on our adventure to Hawaii! For Garrett and Zander, this was their very first airplane ride. We were all excited!!

This is a picture of us catching the shuttle bus from the parking lot to the airport.

The kids did pretty well in the airport. The anticipation of boarding and getting going made for some anxious kids. But they did well. Zander just kept saying, "We are at the airport! We are going to fly on a BIG airplane!"

"We are flying! We are flying!" I wish I got as excited about flying as Zander. He was really cute!

We landed in Honolulu airport and jumped on another flight to Kauai. It was a really long traveling day, but everything went really well. We made it to Kauai with just enough time to jump into the ocean. It was a beautiful sight!

John, Joyce, Megan and Camille all flew in a day before us. They got the house all ready for us... stocked with tons of delicious food. The house was incredible. Just enough room for everyone. The best part was the beach right outside our back door. It was like we had our own little private beach. It felt like we were the only people in the world. The ocean stretched for miles!! It was perfect and our adventure was just beginning!!


melanie said...

The ocean out the back door!! How beautiful..

Angela said...

I am so jealous!!