Sunday, October 12, 2008

What is that smell?

Wednesday morning I got into the car to head to work. As I jumped into the car, my nose could smell this light stinky smell. The smell wasn't too strong, but still the same is was slightly stinky. I went about my day and didn't pay too much attention to it. At lunch, I decided to vacuum out the car.
I got in the car Thursday morning and I could smell the scent again. This time the foul smell was even worse. It smelt like dog poop or something along those lines. I was in a hurry to get to work so I avoided the smell as much as possible. I rolled down the windows in hopes to air out the car. When I got into the car at the end of my work day, the smell was still there.... and seemed to be getting even worse. I sprayed Febreze on the floors, used Lysol cleaning rags on the leather seats and hoped I had cleaned up the disgusting smell.
Friday morning came along.... and just as you may have guessed, the smell was even stronger. I ran back into the house and brought out some baking soda carpet cleaner. I sprinkled the baking soda all over the carpets in hope that would clear out the smell. I was sure that would do the trick. Lunch came around. A bunch of work associates wanted to go to lunch. Lucky me... I got to drive. I was almost certain the baking soda would have settled into the carpet by that time, so I agreed. Man was I embarrassed when I opened the car door and got a hint of the smell. With the powder on the floor, rather then clean air, my car smelt like a dirty diaper. No one said a word about the smell as I drove them to and from lunch. No one talked much either.... I think they were all holding their breath. I was sure we were going to have to get the carpets detailed. There was just no getting the horrible smell out of the car. I kept scratching my head because I just couldn't figure out what was smelling so horrible. The inside of the car was sparkling at this point.
Saturday morning I decided to go to the car cleaning place one more time. I put my quarters in the vacuum and began vacuuming away at my nearly spotless car. As I was vacuuming I decided to look in the very far back of the Trailblazer. The smell seemed to be coming from the very back. I hadn't even touched that area of the car because I was sure the smell was from the boys... tracking in dog poop or something. As I glanced in the back I saw some groceries. The second I saw the bag all the memories of shopping came back to me.
That previous Tuesday night I had quickly run to the store and purchase chicken, hamburger, and steak cubes. I had gotten busy with picking up kids from football and getting the boys to bed, I had forgotten to bring in the groceries. There they had sat for 5 days! GROSS!!!!
I immediately threw out the meat, opened the windows in the car, and let the smell air itself out. Thank goodness the meat was all tightly bagged in the plastic bags. Nothing had spilled out.
The car is smelling much better today. Not a hint of bad poultry! And... the car is the cleanest it has been probably since I purchased it!!!!

On a happy side note:

Niel's parents got their mission call!! John and Joyce are super excited to be serving an 18 month mission. They will be heading out February 9th. I am really going to miss them!! To find out where they are going, and to wish them well, please check out their blog!


Diana said...

That is SO sick! I'm glad you were finally able to find it. And that is really funny how everyone was silently sitting in your car during lunch. The people in the back, probably smelt the worst of it. :)

So I'm excited for Niel's parents--even though I don't know them! I lived in their mission for 4 months when I was in Russia. Hooray for them!

melanie said...

that is funny!!! I guess the lesson is S L O W down... :)

Grams said...

Ugh! Years ago when we bought milk from John's uncle, a whole gallon spilled in the car. It was rich milk with about 2 inches of cream on top. We never completely got rid of the smell until we sold the car! Then when 2 doz eggs fell off the back seat of the truck...detailing was the only way we got rid of that. You are lucky that nothing soaked into the carpet...that's the worst!


Amber said...

You are a busy mommy! I am glad that you figured it out finally =)

Nic & Trudi said...

That is so gross but i'm glad you figured it out! I know how you feel. This summer Nic spilt milk in the trunk and forgot about it. After a few days the smell was unbearable. He tried to blame it on me until he remembered that it was!! Haha!

Unknown said...

OMG---THIS IS SO FUNNY!! I think of you everytime I go to the store and get the food outta my car.

Lori Buhr said...

Oops! What's for dinner? 5 day old meat left in the car, yummy! I don't think Martha Stewart could even help with this one. Funny because it happened to someone else.