Thursday, January 29, 2009

I work with the BEST People!

This past week at work has been long. But long in a good way. All the sales people from the West area met together to discuss future plans, past successes, numbers, goals.... and that big word I don't like so much..... CHANGE.

I have worked on the Southwest and Rocky Mountain teams since I started at LANDesk. It has been a great pleasure working with Patrick, Deana, Mark, and Chris. Last year was a really good year for me! I learned a lot!! I love my job!!! I am really going to miss working directly with them!

This year I got the opportunity to try out the new specialists. Man, was I lucky!!! Brittany and Andrea are amazing, organized, quick woman who have made my job easier. Plus, they make me smile everyday!! I look forward to the new change and for the new success we will have together.

(I will also have to blame them for the extra pounds I am gaining for all the out - to - eating we do together. Got to build team unity.... right?)

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Brooke said...

You forgot to mention that you got ISM of the year!! You silly!!