Sunday, October 3, 2010

Tidy-up Time

It's Fall cleaning around our house. Time to put our house in order. Trust me, it needs it!

Conner helped Niel pull the tree stumps out of the hard ground.

He worked long and hard on it! They were able to get the stumps out. Now we just need to plant the seed to grow the grass.

Gar is all ready Mr. Tidy. He is a better organizer than I am. He enjoys it!!! Zander is being his little helper in taking everything out of the fridge, cleaning it out, and putting everything back in.

Zander likes to make messes more than he likes cleaning up messes. I found the perfect job for him. He took everything out of the cupboards. He literally got to make all the messes. Once everything was out of the cupboards.... I cleaned out the cupboard and put everything back. Our system worked out well. We were both happy!

Stocks LOVES to help. He has his own creative way of doing things. He got the kitchen drawers. I loved to see the new ways he came up with organizing the drawers.

Pots and Pans were Garretts chore. There was no rhythm or reason to those, but Garrett found a spot for everything.

Megz is now a whiz at sock selection. Socks in our house are EVERY WHERE. You can guess it is hard to find matches. I just wash them and stick them in a basket. Megz was a good sport to find matches and get the basket emptied.

It felt great to get the house in order.... at least just a little. We still have a lot to do!

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