Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring Break 2011

For Spring Break this year we went to sunny Las Vegas!

While it was raining and snowing in Utah - we were out relaxing by the pool.... soaking up the sun!


We had a great time.

We ate at this delicious buffet. The best part was all the desserts. Zander had 3 desserts. Stocks had several. Gar was in heaven... and Conner got a stomach ache from eating too much sugar. Niel and I were just happy that we found a place where everyone could find something they liked!!

We did a lot of swimming. I was relaxing so much at the pool that I failed to take enough pictures. All I can say is that it was WARM!!

We spend a half a day at on the strip. Niel even tried to chase a bus down so we could get to our destination.

Here are a couple of fun pictures of just stuff we did!
We went to a magic show!
Watch the dancing waters at the Bellagio!

Treated ourselves to whatever we wanted!

Walked around in the warmth!

Tired ourselves trying to find the bus!

And played lots of games together!!

It was a great trip!!

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Angela said...

Awe Man...I missed out! But for a good reason I think!!