Saturday, January 21, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!

I love my birthday because it means I get to celebrate with my favorite people!

This year I got to celebrate a lot!

First, we had a family get together at WingNuts. We were suppose to sing karaoke but missed it by a couple of hours. We enjoyed each other's company instead!

I took the day off of work and let the kids take a day off from school. This was what I woke up to... YUM! The boys were quite sure what I liked the most so they made both french toast AND breakfast burrito's!!

We went out to lunch at Archibald's and to the fun candy store at Gardner Village! We had planned to go tubing but the when we got to the hill we found out the rain was causing the snow to be sticky instead of icy, so we couldn't tube down the hill. Instead, we came home, jumped in our PJ's and had a lazy day around the house watching our favorite TV shows!

Next, Conner and I went on a date to see Brian Regan. He is my most favorite funny guy. This isn't the show we saw, but he is just so funny!

The next day, yes... this is a 3 day celebration, my awesome cousins and sisters planned a fun night for all of us. We met and ate dinner at Texas Roadhouse!! It was a great night spent with my favorite people!
Another great birthday celebration!

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melanie said...

So glad we were able to celebrate it with you. Love you Amy!