Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Washington DC

Niel got to go to Washington DC with his work to pick up the 1940 Census.  He was nice enough to let me tag along!  We had a great time!!

We visited all the historical sites!  Niel had never been and he just loves history, so he was all smiles the entire trip!

We drove out to see Gettysburg.  Incredible to drive around and see the actual war sites!

We visited the Arlington Cemetery.

We walked all around.  We went to several of the Smithsonians.  We could have spent a week just looking at all the cool things in all the museums.

We walked up to the capital and the white house!

We even took a break one of the days were were there and went to Six Flags!

 It was nice and windy nearly every day we were there.  Windy enough to fly kites.  The day we went downtown to the mall there were people all over the place flying their kites... it was really pretty!

We didnt' find any amazing food while we were there.... but there were some pretty good places!

We had a great trip together!!!  

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