Thursday, September 11, 2008

My Jewelry Box

For my birthday this past January Stockton gave me a jewelry box. This was a very special homemade gift for several reasons. First off, as most mothers, I love the handmade projects my children make for me. Stockton spent a lot of time preparing this cardboard artistic project. All the glue, tape, markers and construction paper were placed perfectly to make such a priceless piece of art. There is even a top for it. There are two trays... one for my "neklisis" and the other side for my "erering's"!
The second part of this special gift was the fact that I had been asking and looking for a jewelry box for about 2 years. When ever we would go to a new store I would stop at the jewelry counter to glance at the boxes. I could never find one that had everything I wanted or one that was in my price range. The fact Stockton remembered I wanted one so badly.... and the fact he created one to meet my needs, made the gift even that much more special to me.
I have cared and loved this handmade perfect gift for nearly 9 months. Unfortunately the construction paper has been worn to the bone. Water splats are decorating the outside of the box and it is withering away quickly. I decided to go out and purchase a wooden box to place my jewelry in. Mostly because I wanted to savor Stockton's gift before it got ruined far beyond salvaging.
My new box will never hold quit the same meaning. I will keep Stockton's handmade present in a safe place and in my heart forever!!


Unknown said...

Ohhhhh, that is so touching!! Go Stockton! What an awesome kid!

Brooke said...

Stockton has got to be the most thoughtful kid around. He is so sweet and caring.