Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The lasagna party is another family tradition. Everyone on Joyce's side of the family get together for some delicious Lasagna and games.

The boys love the candy bar game! A set of dice are sent around the room. Each person takes a turn rolling the dice. If the person holding the dice is lucky enough to roll doubles, they get a shot at the candy bar in the middle of the room. The lucky person puts on a scarf and gloves and attempts to rip their way into the candy bar... that is until someone else rolls doubles.

Stockton started the game off and after about 15 minutes, and many different people, Conner torn into that candy bar.

Zander couldn't get the gloves on fast enough. Every time he finally got dressed, someone else would roll doubles and his turn was over.

Garrett barely got a chance either. He was just about as unlucky as I was. I didn't even roll doubles onces!

After the candy bar game, we play a present game. This is one game Zander can handle. He got a BIG sucker and was in heaven!

Megan got the great prize everyone wanted.... the bubble gum suckers!

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