Sunday, December 7, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend - Vegas Style

Grandma and Grandpa Dean took us to Vegas for our Thanksgiving vacation! It was nice and warm! This is the kids.... swimming.... at the end of November!

One of my very good friends, Cole, joined us in Vegas. I was able to meet two of his kids!! I haven't seen Cole for nearly 5 years. I bet you wouldn't guess him and I fought like cats and dogs in High School. We were worse then brother and sister. It was soooo good to see him!

The entire family played at the race tracks! Well, kind of.... we all raced each other and a bunch of other people for the grand prize!

Conner won!!! With Garrett, Megan and Stockton all coming in close behind. I think I took last place.

Grandma and Grandpa took us to the Excalibur to see The Tournament of the Kings! Garrett loved the show!! He didn't eat much of his food and once it was over we had to dash to the bathrooms. On our way to restrooms he said, "Mom, I had to go potty right when the show started, but I just couldn't leave my seat." We barely made it to the bathrooms in time!!

Zander was scared of the fireworks and all the sword fighting. I think he was worn out from the fun day more then he was scared. He spent the last 15 minutes of the show with his hoddy over his head.... under the table.

We walked the streets of Vegas. The night streets of Vegas really aren't the best for kids. I kept saying "Eyes in the sky!" And Stockton saw one of those auto traveling advertisements with a half dressed woman one it. The sign read "Hot Babe" and gave a phone number. Stockton asked me, "Mom, can you really buy a woman?" Oh my! The lights of Vegas are such a sight to see though. We took a visit to the Bellagio to watch the Dancing Waters, Botanical Gardens, and the Chocolate Fountain! I could see those over and over again and still want to see them again!

To end this exciting trip, we headed over to the Stratosphere. I am much of a thrill ride person!!! I actually LOVE to be scared and thrilled to the max. I have wanted to ride the thrill rides on the Stratosphere for a very long time. My wish finally came true! I will have to say.... I was thrilled beyond fear... yes, they really freaked me out! Insanity really is for INSANE people. The ride itself isn't what the scary party is.... the height is what make the ride nearly impossible. I couldn't let go of my safety handle. WOW!!! It was very crazy!


Lori Buhr said...

Kind scary when your kids ask you questions like,"Can you really buy a woman?" Glad you had fun. Being together is the most important thing in the world. What I wouldn't give to spend a holiday with all those that I love that are not here anymore. Enjoy every minute you have with those crazy people you call family, you'll never regret it!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a blast. We got our first snow in Logan here on the 4th and I wished I was in Vegas swimming!

Steve and Megan said...

Sounds like fun! Your kids make me laugh. By the way, I am still having a hard time picturing you yelling at some random woman in the store. I can't see you doing that!

Silver Back said...

I can testify that Amy really was freaked out at the top of the stratosphere, I have the marks on my arm to prove it.

But it was a great time up there. What a great Thankgiving.

Silver Back said...
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