Saturday, August 8, 2009

Best Parade Ever!

Garrett got to participate in the Highland Parade this year with his football team. His team were the Champions for the 1st and 2nd grade age group last season!

Each of the big football boys had water guns to squirt the crowd and candy to throw. Gar was so excited!!!
The rest of the family got to experience the parade first hand. Cosmo was out on the streets for high fives!!

Stockton got his shot at breaking a brick with his fists. He broke it right in two with one punch!

Garretts group weren't the only ones with water. We all got sprayed plenty of times. It felt so good in the hot sun!

We also got SO much candy! It was like early Halloween time. We had so much candy, we could barely make it back to the car with it all. Of course, Stockton found a way to make it happen.

It was the best parade we have ever been to, hands down. Next year, we will come with empty pillow cases for the candy!
Way! Way!! FuN!


SJ said...

Pillow cases are a great idea. Our kids have started keeping a plastic bag in their pocket for parades. They were so funny collecting all they possibly could, then as soon as they got home they turned to me and said "Mom, here's my candy. You owe me $12"

Jen and Allen said...

Holy Cow that is a haul! How long will it last?