Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It's Started

Our busy lives just got even busier. But man.... we love it! It is our favorite time of year.


Garrett is playing Quarterback a little this year. Do you see number 34? Yep... that's him!

He has some amazing throwing abilities! This throw landed right in the arms of the running back! It was sweet!!

He runs well with the ball too. He got about 30 yards on this run! He is speedy!

Stocks is playing defensive line this year. He is paying attention to the plays and breaking through the line.

Stocks is the "Sumo Champ" on the team. No one can get him down.

Conner is starting running back on the 6th grade A team. His speed surprised everyone this year.... I think even him. He is excited to be running the ball this year!!

It is different to see him out on the field rather then on the line. He is the guy right behind the line an in front of the guy in the back.

It is going to be a fun year this year! Even I am learning a lot this year!


Grams said...

Go Knights! Amy, you'll probably loose your voice every Saturday, just to get it back in time for the next Saturday's games!

Laurie Wilson said...

I sent you an email. If you don't have it in your inbox can you check your junk box and get back to me please? Thank you!

melanie said...

Glad he made weight and was able to be running back. We would love to come see him in action.