Monday, September 27, 2010

The Invisible Fence

Yeah... we have one of those things... you know, an invisible fence.

We have been debating for a long time about getting a regular white picket fence. Unfortunately, those vinyl white posts are pretty expensive. The main reason we wanted to get a fence was for Rocky our amazingly good dog. Rocky is a really good dog.... probably one of the best little four legged critters you will meet. But rather then spend the money on a regular fence, we decided to try a different route.... an invisible fence. We heard great things about it. So, we decided to give it a try.

To set up the fence we had to bury a yellow wire around the perimeter of the yard. We have a fairly large yard and figured we should let Rocky run around and be free to explore a lot more than he has been.

We got right to work.

Some of us worked really hard...

... while others of us goofed around!!

It was a real dirty job getting the wire into the ground and all around the backyard. It took all of us to get the job done. Even Zander kept our spirits up with his silly-ness.

We were all proud of our hard work. Well... everyone except for one furry friend. We put the flashy red collar on Rocky and attempted to show him his new area of freedom. Rocky tried to make a run for it. But that little black,round knobby thing shocked him when he tried to escape. He whimpered for a little while and backed away for the open area. After about 20 minutes he tired to make another escape. Once again he got shocked by the invisible fence.

We put up flags to allow him to see the area. We have even tried to walk him around on a leash regularly so he can sniff out his territory - he loves to sniff.

But nothing is working. The poor dog has this enormous area to play in but he won't leave the deck. We even had to move his food closer so he wouldn't starve.

We are trying to be positive that eventually he will venture out and get some exercise. But for now, he is camping out on the deck.... all the time.


Nic & Trudi said...

We seriously need one of these. Our dog is the best dog ever but she takes off a lot and doesn't listen. I may need a follow up on how this works for you guys!

melanie said...

poor doggie.. Joel had one of those for their dog and he put the collar around his neck to see how bad it hurt and I don't think he used it long after that.. haha..

Carmen said...

:( this makes me sad for your poor little dog. I know you are trying to keep him safe, but you don't want him to be scared to move either. What did you do with him before you had the fence? Is there any way to turn the shock down so it doesn't hurt so much? Anyway, I am a big baby for dogs so this just makes me sad. Hopefully it gets better and he figures out where he can and can't go. Good luck